Published January 31st, 2007 by Bobby Henderson


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  1. bill says:

    @Wench Beth
    Good concept but hard to be a motivator if the first don’t get to the site. You think I ought to mention free beer in my class?

  2. Wench Beth says:

    No, if you don’t want to lose your job. I had a high school teacher, however, that invited his older students to a party at his house and they had free beer and other items that one might smoke, if you get my drift. He didn’t lose his job, so…. food for thought, anyway.

  3. Storm Petrel says:

    Or some anonymous flyers perhaps? You can’t get introuble f they don’t know it was you

  4. The FSM loves you says:

    Seamus Heaney and my dad and his professor got drunk. If only THEY had realized the CoFSM…

  5. bill says:

    @Wench Beth
    I knew a professor who was teaching a class in ‘society and sex’. He had labs and parties and did lose his job.

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