about the pirate ship

Published January 25th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, so rather than get an ordinary yacht to sail around the world
spreading the FSM faith, why not something a little more pirate-like.
I was in Bonaire with my family and this Junk was docked there and
seemed sufficiently pirate-like for you.



I like it.  Let’s brainstorm fundraising ideas.  Also, we’ll need to figure out how ship-time will be organized.  Ideas/Volunteers?

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  1. storm petrel says:

    Well, Thumper did just get married, the honeymoon is probably occupying his time.

  2. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Red Dutchpasta Wench
    “except for Thumper who has gone into hiding after apparantly killing Ships Cat”
    @storm petrel
    “Thumper did just get married, the honeymoon is probably occupying his time.”
    Oh shit!! He put Ship’s Cat in the boot of his car to keep it away from the wedding. I wonder if he remembered afterwards that it was in there…..

  3. Red Dutchpasta Wench says:

    He’d better………………….. (6 months and counting till I get to Australia, now polishing best fryingpan)

  4. storm petrel says:

    Ship’s Cat is very resourceful, if Thumper forgot about him, he’d probably be able to pick the lock with a claw and seek revenge…somehow I’d say Thumper had more sense than to give Ship’s Cat a reason to come after him on his honeymoon…

  5. Newfie Buccaneer says:

    @wench nikki

    I will bring the best rum- Newfoundland Screech

  6. NecroAngel says:

    The best rum it´s caribbean, my.

    Havana Club, Perla del Caribe, Estelar.

    Good for cooking my “pasta al ron”


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