about the pirate ship

Published January 25th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Hey, so rather than get an ordinary yacht to sail around the world
spreading the FSM faith, why not something a little more pirate-like.
I was in Bonaire with my family and this Junk was docked there and
seemed sufficiently pirate-like for you.



I like it.  Let’s brainstorm fundraising ideas.  Also, we’ll need to figure out how ship-time will be organized.  Ideas/Volunteers?

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  1. English Pasta says:

    Happy Ramendan Everyone!!!!

  2. alprazolam says:

    alprazolam pill…

    chancering repriever…

  3. Newfie Buccaneer says:

    Hey guys. Just graduating from university soon- Worked on a fishing boat AND a tour boat. Can Tie knots, catch fish, swim, sail, and an assortment of many other piratey skills. If you guys are serious about this, I would gladly volunteer for a year. We could sail around the Caribbean giving out candy to children, like our pirate forefathers. I’m sure it would get such a ridiculous amount of publicity it would be no trouble getting donations from rich FSMians, or even atheists who would like to see something good being done. If we wanted, could probably sail around poor parts of mexico and middle america giving out delicious candy treats and pasta.

  4. Newfie Buccaneer says:

    Rich pastafarians it should read

  5. Ayumi-chan says:

    Yeah! Time to sail the high seas like real pirates! Awesome!
    Seriously, we should have a round-the-world piratical voyage, picking up Pastafarians of all nations, funded by ALL the above methods, with COMPULSORY noodles and spaghetti and OPTIONAL orgies and strip poker, since some of us are underage…-points at self-
    Let’s do it! It’d be the ultimate publicity stunt.

  6. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @Newfie Buccaneer Nov 23rd, 2007 at 1:35 am
    “Can Tie knots, catch fish, swim, sail, and an assortment of many other piratey skills.”
    Rum drinking/swilling and sculling skills?
    Never mind, if you have worked on a fishing boat then I’m sure they’ll be sufficient :)
    Welcome aboard Buccaneer :)

  7. Seeker of the Truth says:

    Hi Goils N’ Bouys,
    I am new to this “about a pirate ship”, but it sure sounds like fun. I have a couple of questions; the first I think was already answered. I really love spaghetti and I really love garlic and I reaaly love olive oil (not to be confused with Popeye’s girlfriend) and I really like parmasian. Can I eat all three together, instead of tomato sauce? The second question: I am a Goonie, can i still come on your ship?
    The truth is I am new to cyber-space. I have only recently posted to “….rather hilarious”.
    Thanks in advance for your help, understanding and kindness.
    May a cup of noodles be forever with you.

  8. lilwench says:

    @Seeker… of course you can eat Him with garlic, butter, parmesan, and olive oil. I add Old Bay to that, it is Divine.

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