A scientist converts & evidence of HIS children

Published January 14th, 2007 by Bobby Henderson

Thank you for helping me see the light! I must admit until I ran across your pages a few months ago I was a misguided by the pro-evolution, left wing, scientific darwanist dogma. However as a microbiologist, I began running across evidence of HIM wherever I turned (see attached). I have come to believe that HE has a special fondness for bacteria, especially of the genus Proteus! And since there are over 1000 times as many bacteria cells in and on our body perhaps we were created by HIM as vessels for THEM, his favored children the bacteria!
Christopher Schadt, Ph.D.



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  1. Gnocci Man says:

    I tried studying the bible, once… it helped turn me into a devout atheist. Much too nasty, and your God is WAY too violent and hypocritical for me to consider him anything other than evil (and, thankfully, nonexistent).
    I prefer to spend my time reading classical poetry as opposed to tennis, but we all have our tastes. If you think that talking about science, politics, and religion with some very intelligent and like-minded people is a waste of time, then you should consider dousing your head in cold water.
    About -My mamma always said, “if you can’t say nothin’ nice don’t say nothin’ at all”-
    If everyone only said nice things, it would be very difficult to know when and where we needed improvement. You should be as polite as you can as much as you can, but not too the point of speaking white lies all day.

  2. travis says:

    Alchemist, Why did NASA say from IR satellite data that there has been “no significant temperature change over the past 18 years”. Ever hear of the Urban effect. Religeon has nothing to do with my opinion. The fact is that the same people who are bashing religeon are the same ones that are grabbing on for dear life to the Global Warming thing and trying to quash all opposition. Is the closed minded ultra-left crowd that has so much vested in it being true. So when all of the weather settles down again (because it is cyclical), I am going to laugh. And yes I will say told you so.

  3. Alchemist says:

    Travis, just a quick one. Ever hear what happened after the aircraft were grounded post 9/11 re global dimming and global warming. I’ll get some links for you when I get back. I honestly doubt you’ll find too many closed minds here. If I’m wrong then please point me in the right direction. I’m not infallible and will take any evidence you provide on board. Seriously!

  4. Marc McOar says:

    Travis, what in the world do the “ultra-left” have to gain by espousing global warming and its devastating affects? They are heeding science. Much like those who are calling creationists fools are heeding science. This is the only connection. There is real science that has been going on for decades working on why the Earth’s climate is changing. And, changing it is. The only thing that religion and global warming have in common is that they are both man-made.

  5. Jingles says:

    Take a look at the ice caps of the North pole if you want proof… smallest they’ve been for years.
    Anyhow, there is too strong a correlation between changing weather patterns in last couple of centuries, and the increasing industrialisation of the Earth, to ignore. It may be that global warming as is believed by a majority of scientists in the field (according to last week’s West Australian newspaper…) is overrated, but the fact is we are changing the environment, and not for the better.

  6. Heathen says:

    Travis – do yourself a favor and Google search “global warming” – there you will find many, many studies from NASA, the Jet propulsion Labs, the Max Planck Institute, the World Radiation Center, etc, etc, etc who ALL agree the earth is warming up – global warming is a reality.


    Greenhouse warming is caused by many factors – the most influential effect is from water vapor – clouds – the amount of water has been fairly constant over many years. Some trapped methane, again fairly constant. Manmade CFC’s – we have been fairly successful in shutting down CFC’s since we learned of ozone problems. HUMMMM lets see, what else – oh yeah – carbon dioxide, CO2. Ice core samples have trapped air in them and those samples go back fairly accurately for about 400,000 years. Those ice core samples show CO2 levels fairly constant between 260-280 parts per million (ppm) up until about 1850. Even that small variation was sufficient to help the earth into at least three ice ages. Between 1850 and 2006, CO2 levels have risen from 280 to 381 ppm. If a variation of plus or minus twenty was sufficient to send earth climate into three ice ages, what do you think an increase of 101 will do in the years to come?


    Putting your head in the sand and yelling its not happening, its not happening probably wont help to solve any of the MANMADE GLOBAL WARMING. Reality sometimes sucks, doesnt it? Welcome to reality.

  7. Teddy says:

    Whether global warming is real or not (well, there is definite proof it is), we know the world’s temp. runs in cycles. And WE, know (and soon you will) by the time the Earth is back on it’s slope to Ice age we would be long dead. With or without manmade global warming.
    The important point. I was bought up (dragged up? drugged up?) in the country side. When I was little I went to London. I struggled to breathe The air was disgusting and like nothing I had ever experienced. So, with or with out bglobal warming, lets get cleaner air.
    Ever considered moving to Australia?
    I too read the bible when I was 11. I was lost, some Gideons came to school and handed out bibles. After that I was found. I also later found that what the bible taught me to believe was what is now known to be roughly along the Pagan beliefs. You see, the bible is full of crap.

  8. Jingles says:

    @ Teddy
    Ever considered moving to Australia?”
    He’s here already. He lives in Tasmania (the little island part to the south), land of the hillbilly inbred hicks (sort of the Aussie version of the bible belt).

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