Published December 11th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I made a spaghetti monster tree topper and took a picture with it for our “Happy Birthday Frank Sinatra Party”….you can see Frank’s ornament in the picture. I have also begun small spaghetti ornaments. I will let you know if those are ever finished.

Austin, TX


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  1. thedude says:

    goddamn that bitch is hot, at least her side profile is

    • SillyKiwiMan says:


      If you judge the worth of a woman purely by her appearance, and refer to her as a “bitch”, I think you may be suited to a different corner of the internet.

      I’m sure Lauren will be thrilled to know your opinion of her, but I think you’re a dickhead.


    • Saint Gnocchi says:

      Dear thedude, Please. Go play somewhere else, Okay? Kind regards.

    • The Sauceror says:

      Dear thedude, if you look closely, you will see that the hottest part of that “bitch” is inside her head. Everything else is purely superficial.

    • Cap'n Bucatini says:

      Please go play with your misogynist friends. Bloody PINO.

      • Rasputin says:

        Sorry, what’s a PINO?

        • Cap'n Bucatini says:

          As I said below: a Pastafarian in name only.

        • The Sauceror says:

          A PINO is a RINO that has lost its’ tail and needs to take a P.

    • TiltedHorizon says:

      Dear “thedude”, while Lauren is visual stunning her true beauty is reflected in her devotion to his noodlyness. Please show proper respect for our sistren in FSM.

    • Archillis Wilson says:

      hot she is. make her reach me man.

  2. Saint Gnocchi says:

    And, “Listen up, thedude.” : You definately need to have your eyes tested. I see no beads of perspiration and Lauren clearly is not a dog. However, you sir, clearly, are a cur.

    • The Sauceror says:

      Dear St. Gnocchi, while I, you, and other pirates/pirettes can see the inner beauty of Lauren without regard to such trivialities as skin color, skin tone, make-up, or hair style, would I be a perv if I were turned on a little bit by the FSM’s googly eyes?

      • Rasputin says:

        Dear everyone, don’t be too hard on thedude. His use of the word “bitch” can cause offence, but the young woman is definitely good looking. Would the word “babe” be acceptable? How about “hot chick” or is that hurtful as well?
        Sometimes when I take my dog for a walk, people say to me, “Your dog is gorgeous”. I reply, “Long ago people used to say that about me as well”, which always makes folk laugh.
        The gal is a fine example of a Pastafarian wench. Please don’t be annoyed if male Pastafarians and our lesbian sisters all agree. Excuse me now, I need to go, my noodly appendage is starting to twitch.

        • Saint Gnocchi says:

          Dear Rusputin, NO. Saying that a woman is a hot bitch is boy’s locker room talk. I am a woman and we do not like being called bitches, whether hot or cold.

        • Apprentice Frederic says:

          Sainted Gnocchi, Hope you won’t take it as patronizing for me to say that I have read and enjoyed your posts without guessing that you were a woman. Would you be more comfortable as “Santa Gnocchia” ???? Godspeed – er, FSMspeed – in any case!!!!

  3. Saint Gnocchi says:

    Dear thedude, I don’t give a damn whether you are a Pastafarian or not. You owe Lauren an apology.

    • Rasputin says:

      Dear St. G., you are absolutely right to tell us when we’re wrong. More power to your vengeful elbow and thankyou. Out of curiosity, is “hot babe” alright?
      It’s a long time since anyone admired the cut of my jib. When I was younger, I resembled a young Steve McQueen, or a young Mel Gibson without the antisemitism and religious bigotry.
      These days I resemble Jabba the Hutt.
      Aw, if only someone could call me a hot stud…
      Please tell us males when we’re wrong. Keep up the good work. Please don’t send Sauceror’s borched mesom to bite me.

    • Cap'n Bucatini says:

      I bet he’s one of those PINOs (Pastafarian in name only). We encounter a lot of them in the Facebook group lately. As in the past 18 months. Apparently he was guided by the Noodly Appendage and ended up here, only to found himself in a place where he didn’t belong either.

  4. Saint Gnocchi says:

    Dear Rusputin, Since you have given me permission to, yes, I will: You are a hot stud, and I will not sully your name with girls’ locker room talk by calling you a sweaty male horse. Okay, so. That was fun and laughter is always on top of my “To Do” list. Go well, pasta brother.

    • Rasputin says:

      St. G., live long and prosper.

  5. Rasputin says:

    Thanks, Cap’n Bucatini. I am wisened by your teaching. LOL.

  6. Fuck off says:

    You all are Fucking stupid too poor tour faith and trust into a FOOD!! How immature can someone be to believe this shit!!

  7. Canoodle says:

    Dear Mr Off, I assume English is your second, um make that third, language. The only viable alternative is that you are mentally retarded. Are you retarded Mr Off? That you believe you have a grasp of the concept of maturity is laughable but please tell us more about your ‘mature’ beliefs. As someone who is growing old disgracefully I say ‘screw on Mr Off, screw on!’

  8. Rasputin says:

    Dear Mr. Off, food exists. It makes me happy and satisfied.
    Yahweh/Jehova/Allah does not exist. It creates hatred, war and bloodshed.
    If I had to choose…

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