The Wall of Separation

Published December 29th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


From Americans United:

Falwell’s Flub: Jerry-Rigged Policy Opens Door For Pagan Proselytizing In Virginia Public School

A group of Pagans in Albemarle County, Va., was recently given permission to advertise their multi-cultural holiday program to public school children – and they have the Rev. Jerry Falwell to thank for it.

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333 Responses to “The Wall of Separation”

  1. Peter Popoff says:

    I got it now; pb is short for “Pabst Blue Ribbon beer”
    A cheap American ale, so cheap in fact he couldn’t afford the ‘r’ at the end.

  2. Peter Popoff says:

    Booty and Nikkiee, I sent them off to you as well.
    FSM help me.

  3. Peter Popoff says:

    Opps, you too Rich!

  4. Alchemist says:

    Night Booty, Beastly

  5. Peter Popoff says:

    Well Alchemist,
    With them off to bed, should we put our heads together?

  6. Alchemist says:

    Do you think that will cause an explosion? Where do we start btw with our plan :) Hey it’s going well isn’t it?

  7. Peter Popoff says:

    I would hope for nothing less then an explosion Alchemist!
    Of some sort anyway… We do need Nikkiee to get more involved in our plan however,
    I’ve got the States, you’ve got the UK, Nikkiee needs to dominate her Peninsula.
    Then we’ll have it sussed, I think, them other places will beg, er’ I mean will want to be just like us! Yeah! That’s it!

  8. Alchemist says:

    Don’t worry my friend. The new chemical I’m working on is based upon LSD and opium. It’s incredibly addictive and makes the consumer highly susceptible to suggestion and flights of fantasy. I think I’ll call it “Religion”.
    Then the world will be ours! Red Fox has the tritium and Ivanova will deliver the merchandise to the arranged location as discussed. The owl has flown but only hoots when the moon is gibbous!

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