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Published December 7th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Take a look at some of the hate mail on this site…some people actually have said it ruined their lives because their friends have believed in this stuff, and yes in fact I do know a girl who told me about this, and yes, she does belive in this stuff, with all of her heart. I don’t think that you people take into consideration that not everyone is the brightest crayon in the box and people will believe in anything they’re told..it’s a fact of life. I mean…I’m all for fun and games and joking around…but there really is a point of taking it to far. I mean…come on…look at what you’re doing in your spare time…it kind of depresses me.


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  1. paulo says:


    “look at what you’re doing in your spare time…it kind of depresses me”

    It’s called “spare” time, isn’t it? Since when even my spare time must be devoted to drama, work and deep thinking? THAT would depress me.

  2. Red Sauce says:

    Many people need to feel that they belong to something more powerful than themselves that can help guide them through dark and sad times. They need to have some being to ask for guidance and strength. This is because they are weak. It’s ok to be weak. It’s ok to need a little something more to make it through life. Life is pretty damn horrible sometimes. I know some wonderful open-minded Christians. I also have friends who are Muslim, Buddhist and Hindu. They do not preach hate. It is not ok to hate. It’s really not. It’s not ok to think that your way of thinking is the only way and that everyone else has to succumb to it. It’s not ok to think that some people are going to hell just because they pray to their god in a different language and call their god a different name. I read these emails and it’s like some of the Christians need to be vindicated, they sneer and feel joy because people like me are “going to hell”. How would their god feel about that? That they wish me ill just because I don’t think the same way they do. There is darkness in their hearts, and that is a perfect example of why they need to believe in something bigger than themselves. If they did not, their darkness would consume them. I don’t believe in hell. It’s really a stupid idea. But some people need to be reassured that the good will be rewarded and the bad will be punished. I don’t believe in heaven either. What about the idea of being a good person because it makes life better for everyone? Not just because there is going to be some reward in it for you. I have been working as an Oncology nurse for the last two years. Everyday I give love and take the burden. I share grief, I hold people. I support them until the very end. I don’t do this because I think there is some magical land waiting for me. I do this because I love to help people. I don’t need a reward for motivation. If your life is tough, you just have to keep going. Really, it’s ok if you need a god to look up to. But some people don’t. And that’s ok too.
    Oh, and what do I need? I need a little humor sometimes, and that’s why I like this site

  3. Andrew says:

    After reviewing much of this site, I cannot help but think just how much sense this makes. I am not a believer in anything, and of course, I cannot disprove that a god, or gods exist. I am constantly shocked by religion around the world, and how one persons fear and misunderstanding of their life around them, forced them to believe that they were created by a being that not one other person has seen. I may very well convert to Pastafarianism just to make the people around me see just how nonsensical their beliefs are. Instead of trying to figure out where we came from, we should instead figure out where we’re going as a race. We all can’t possibly believe in the same thing at once, because that will just lead to a different conflict.

    Keep it up, and don’t let any hate mail by relegious zealots discourage you from proving them wrong about their pointless existances.



  4. Barrie says:

    Don’t stuff it up!
    Hey – we have a good thing going here. People come in every week and give us donations and behave themselves out of fear of our God punishing thiem. Then you guys go and ridicule our nice little system. Leave us the hell alone! Try joining us instead – we could use a few extra donations.

  5. Buccaneer Jerda says:

    First of all thats fake as shit, and second, the last time someone posted in here was on Feb 27th, 2007 at 7:58 pm. So FUCK OFF.

  6. ShinyGorgbad says:

    I think everyone who is complaining about our belief in the Holy Spagetti is missing the point. The reason (as far as I understand it) that we believe in the FSM is to point out the basic hypocrisy of ANY religion. Not only is it fundamentally flawed, it is also fundamentally unprovable and thus our belief in FSM is just as valid as any other (and I do believe that there is place for religious acceptance, not in Science Class however). The result of anybody taking FSM too seriously is the same result that would come about from any newly formed cult/religion, and more scarily we are no-where near as dangerous as some radical readings of the Bible or Qur’an. I’d like you to point out where FSM tries to convince you to burn heretics, or stone adulterous women to death? How on earth do you argue that we are more dangerous then that?
    By the way, I recognise that this may not entirely relevent to this post, however it occured to me while I was reading it.
    Shing Gorbad
    PS: Red Suace, by FSM, have you worked it out my friend, to be honest, you’ve done more than most of the rest of us have.

  7. LOL says:

    Jacob, the only reason it has gone too far is because the people who believe in it has gone too far. It’s their own fault for believing in bobby’s religion, not bobby.

  8. joe says:

    Jacob, have you heard of “Freedom of religion”? and how does it affect you if your friend believes thyis. I would love to know.
    BTW my friend is pastafarian, I am agnostic, and my brother, who also knows him, is fundie athiest. Neither of us care.

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