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Published December 7th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Take a look at some of the hate mail on this site…some people actually have said it ruined their lives because their friends have believed in this stuff, and yes in fact I do know a girl who told me about this, and yes, she does belive in this stuff, with all of her heart. I don’t think that you people take into consideration that not everyone is the brightest crayon in the box and people will believe in anything they’re told..it’s a fact of life. I mean…I’m all for fun and games and joking around…but there really is a point of taking it to far. I mean…come on…look at what you’re doing in your spare time…it kind of depresses me.


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  1. Johnny Corvette says:


    What do you believe in? Have you lost any friends over your belief. Has what you believe in ever ruined anyones life.

    No? Doesn’t sound like you really believe. sounds like you are just following along and mumbling the words. Dig a little deaper brother and show us the love.

  2. Peter Popoff says:

    @ Jacob, That breaks my heart dude! About the friend of yours, ruining her life and all that!
    That sucks bro! I’m sorry, not! Maybe your friends parent (s) should pay closer mind to her computer usage, at least until she’s old enough to decipher things for herself?
    That’s what I suggest anyway.
    And oh yeah, could I interest you in some miracle water? It’s on sale at the moment.

  3. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    “nd yes, she does belive in this stuff, with all of her heart.”
    And why shouldn’t someone it is no more stupid than christianity, not that anyone who hasn’t been made up does the fact they think we would beleive someone beleives this is testament to their own stupidity.
    and what does btw mean?

  4. Alchemist says:

    Good link Peter. Er… that miracle water that you have for sale?
    Can it rid me of childish superstitions? Or can I ask Santa for a small Pacific island for my Xmas present?

  5. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    @Peter Popoff
    Does that miracle water of yours cure stupidity.

  6. Peter Popoff says:

    Rodger the cabin boy Dec 7th, 2006 at 4:48 pm

    @Peter Popoff
    Does that miracle water of yours cure stupidity.
    My miracle water cures EVERYTHING! That’s the miracle of it… I witnessed as it cured poverty in my own backyard… Buy one get six free…
    Get your water here…

  7. Avatar of Reason says:

    You wrote that we don’t “take into consideration that not everyone is the brightest crayon in the box”. Is it really necessary to demand that ideas are made so simple that everyone can get them? It seems like a bit much to ask.
    Allow me to explain by way of comparison: Intelligence and the ability to laugh at jokes are but facets of a person, as is the ability to see color. Telling Bobby Henderson to abandon or dumb down the joke is similar to telling Pablo Picasso to paint in black and white so that the colorblind can appreciate the art, or telling Beethoven to make his symphonies have only one note so that the tone deaf can hear it for all it’s worth.
    It might be a good idea to post a disclaimer to avoid the very issue that you’re bringing up and to make sure that no one who sees the website gets offended, but it is not in anyone’s place to make the demand.
    Furthermore, even if people do take Pastafarianism seriously, is that so terrible? It’s a religion that teaches peace and tolerance and doesn’t try to foist its dogma on others. If people are willing to believe in the FSM, doesn’t that show that they wanted to believe in something? Mightn’t they have believed in another god had the FSM not been there? Overall, I’m not sure that we’re doing much harm.
    I do try to keep an open mind, so I will still be listening to your point of view, but I have not yet been persuaded to abandon my own.
    -Avatar of Reason

  8. One Oared Marc says:

    By the way, Rodger, “btw” means “by the way”.

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