Santa Vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Published December 23rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

A Holiday cartoon – I wish I knew who created this.

after centuries of battling Jesus for supremacy over
Christmas, Santa Claus has finally emerged victorious.
Enraged by Flying Spaghetti Monster’s growing popularity,
Santa decides to terminate this growing trend. After learning
of his nemesis’s presence on the North Pole, Santa plans his
attack that will determine once and for all who will rule
supreme over the holiday that is Christmas!







Watch the video HERE. 

50 Responses to “Santa Vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster”

  1. Wench Nikky says:

    People here say, they don’t want that extra hour of daylight to fade the curtains.

  2. Wench Nikky says:

    ‘it must be almost 12:30 over there?’

    11.30pm. Close to bed time…big excellent day. :) Hope you had a good one too.

  3. Jingles says:

    “No daylight savings in QLD!”

  4. Branded Cow says:

    @Wench Nikky “People here say, they don’t want that extra hour of daylight to fade the curtains.”: That is the funniest thing I have read all day. Thanks.
    @fermi1137: Brilliant anniamtion. Just the introductory story is enough for you to visit the stripper factory and beer volcano. I look forward to part 2. You need to show the FSM actually flying, maybe in a fight with the reindeer.

  5. Wench Nikky says:

    You’re welcome. That one is passed around every time the issue comes up for debate here. Also the risk of increase in skin camcer, with no so funny logic.

  6. Alchemist says:

    Hi Nikky – hope you had a good one kiddo.

  7. Wench Nikky says:

    Had an excellent day Alchemist :) Yourself?

  8. Alchemist says:

    Aye. Did bugger all! Always good for us lazy arses. My little dog has gone ape opening stuff – he even got into my can of holy water.

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