Santa Vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Published December 23rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

A Holiday cartoon – I wish I knew who created this.

after centuries of battling Jesus for supremacy over
Christmas, Santa Claus has finally emerged victorious.
Enraged by Flying Spaghetti Monster’s growing popularity,
Santa decides to terminate this growing trend. After learning
of his nemesis’s presence on the North Pole, Santa plans his
attack that will determine once and for all who will rule
supreme over the holiday that is Christmas!







Watch the video HERE. 

50 Responses to “Santa Vs. the Flying Spaghetti Monster”

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  1. Wench Nikky says:

    Wqw, what a great Holiday present to the CoFSM.
    Thanks heaps :) :)
    May His Noodleyness reward you with untold treasure.
    Happy Holiday

  2. Wench Nikky says:

    Thar surely be some talented Pirates out there. This clip rocks!

  3. L'TUAE_42 says:

    Err.. since i can’t watch this on my very slow computer(limeted time allotted 4 internet use) could someone please tell me who won? I’m assuming our Noodly leader won, but assuming has gotten me into trouble before.

  4. Wench Nikky says:

    Arrhg…the download link isn’t working for me. Can watch, but not download!!!!!

  5. L'TUAE_42 says:

    Well, who won?! Anticipation is killing me!

  6. Wench Nikky says:

    It is only 2.57mins, can you let it load in the background, then replay once the whole thing has run/loaded? That’s is what I’ve done with clips previously on slow connection.

  7. L'TUAE_42 says:

    Oh, only that long? I think that would work. Thanks!

  8. Jingles says:

    Curses! I hate “too be continued”
    And just after he summoned a galleonfull of piratefish to his side :'(

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