Published December 6th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Dear People who believe in the FSM,

Bobby Henderson is the next Jim Jones. Run, run while you still can.

Thank You,

*update* TLM’s comment @ 8:15pm:

May I make a suggestion to all of you who still believe in the FSM. Buy this book. Recovery from Cults: Help for Victims of Psychological and Spiritual Abuse

I just wanted to note that TLM’s suggested book is amazon-ranked at approximately #153,000, whereas The Gospel is currently ranked at #825 (lower is better).

*update* TLM’s comment @ 9:17pm:

I’m not trying to make anything personal… I’m just simply pointing out that historically people who are insane and lead cults end up in bad situations. I just thought I’d give you guys a heads up.

In truth I really want just one thing. As soon as Bobby Henderson publicly announces that FSM is a farce… then I’ll shut up and go away. But as long as you guys try to continue making this thing a real religion… then I’m going to keep replying. There are too many religions screwing up the world as it is… we don’t need an FSM to add to the pile.

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  1. EnDominues says:

    @ thelaughingman

    why are you using a name from GITS?

  2. Captain Longnoodle says:

    Dear Captain Henderson,
    please let me know the date of the next scheduled FSM mass suicide. My crew and me will certainly attend it with noodly pleasure! So we may also be touched by His Noodly Appendages!

    Yours devoted,
    Cpt. Longnoodle

    P. S.: I would suggest good Jamaica Rum as the adequate poison on this occasion.

  3. Yadem Hayseed says:

    I don’t think Bobby would have enough Kool-Aid for all of us. Also, read the site carefully; that FSM is an elaborate farce ala Stephen Colbert masquerading as a vitriolic republican is not a big secret.

  4. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @Captain Longnoodle Mar 2nd, 2007 at 9:41 am
    “please let me know the date of the next scheduled FSM mass suicide.”
    Considering the huge increase in the number FSM Pirates over the past few months since this thread died, I agree e should definitely have another Kool Aid party to accommodate any new believers that missed the last one. :)))
    @Yadem Hayseed Mar 28th, 2007 at 11:39 pm
    “I don’t think Bobby would have enough Kool-Aid for all of us”
    Arrghh…His Noodleyness will provide

  5. DR.MAC says:

    TheLaughingman is just like a lot of other people who fear what they do not understand and for that he should not be punished, but to come here and mock our beliefs he should be.

  6. LOL says:

    You disgrace the name of the Laughing Man. I pimp-smack you. *SMACKS*

  7. Andrew says:

    Indeed. However, I think it is an appropriate name. The laughing man spawned numerous lame copycats, who had no real connection to the original and were just following along to try and be cool. I think thats exactly what we have here. An impressionable, foolish person, who tries to live up to the name, but just can’t

    If you understood none of that, look here:

  8. Peter Popoff says:

    The Laughing Man on this site, is/was and always will be my hero!
    Please come back TLM you are sadly missed.
    No, I really mean that!

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