religious discrimination

Published December 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I am a very loyal follower to the FSM and a very peaceful pastafarian. However, something has made me quite upset lately. I was telling my classmates about Him and all of His wonderful doings while of course while wearing my eye patch and a pirates jacket. You know the basics. I was doing this because of my religious beliefs, as that’s what the FSM wishes we do. You know of course that pirate garb is not an option. I was just about done when my teacher calls from her desk if my eye patch is a medical thing. I, being loyal stated that it was for my religious beliefs and it’s not an option for me. She again tells me to take it off and I again explain it to her. Then she says if I refuse once more then she would send me to the principles office. I was enraged! The school policy says that the school can’t do anything about religious beliefs or go between them. I couldn’t go to the principles office because he would call my mom and explain it. She hates Pastafarians like me. Instead of speaking out against my teacher, I grabbed my gospel of the FSM and went over and showed her how this is actually true. She took it as a joke and took my eye patch. That is the same as taking a Christians cross.

This needs to be addressed. People are unaware that we are a serious religion and take it as a joke.

I am asking you to help me get FSMism recognized in my Middle school. I don’t necessarily need a class, although that would be nice. Maybe just a FSM awareness lecture. -Jeffrey

I suggest a well-reasoned letter to the teacher, principal, superintendent, and your local ACLU. Explain that it’s not your intention to make a scene, only to carry out your constitutionally-guaranteed religious rights in a non-disruptive manner. Perhaps suggest that other religious tokens be banned as well, Christian crosses, Jewish yarmulkes, etc.

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  1. Shinysheep says:


    One wonders if Jesus created ‘christanity’ as a joke.

    After all, when it was created, He claimed to be the ‘son of god’. He may have been decided to do it for a laugh, and people took him seriously. so seriously in fact, that he ended up being killed for disrupting the major religions at the time. Who’s to say that Jesus wasn’t criticized like this.

    By the year 4007, We shall be a major force! My fellow pastafarians, We are the forerunners of the world’s newest religion!

  2. Felipe de Flandes says:

    Another thought concerning religious discrimination: in Ancient Rome (during Julius Cesar’s reign) about 400 religions were counted. They were admitted, as long as they sacrificed to the Roman gods too, and later to the emperor. Only the two Bible-based and monotheist religions refused this… provoking the persecutions of their followers. Couldn’t live with the IDEA of having other -necessarily erroneous- religions around. It took the rise in power of an emperor who sympathised with their religion, to have a living at all… and then the troubles REALLY began… for the others!

  3. Not a retard says:

    Well Jeff,
    Perhaps you should check in with the nurse about your mental state. I hate to break it to you, but you very well might be retarded.

  4. im not as drunk as these guys says:

    suck my dick. this crap isnt even a real religion. i hope you choke on pasta!

  5. Ambien. says:



  6. Wench Nikkiee says:

    Helloooo…im not as drunk as these guys :)

  7. DutchPastaGuy says:

    @im not as drunk as these guys
    Don’t you realise the FSM loves you too? HE LOVES YOU! No matter how hard you may try to deny Him, you’re one of His creatures too. Why aren’t you more receptive to His great warmth and mercy, for He is the warth itself, with truckloads of mercy thrown into the bargain at no extra cost at all! If only you would open your mind to that. If you knew how magnificent it is to be touched by His noodly appendages, your life would be so much fuller and spiritually richer than it is right now. You’re really missing out.
    Many of the misguided post deeply insightful messages such as your, and I must admit I can’t match the intellectual level that you display. And I’m sure you’re saying it from the depth of your heart and that you mean as well to us as to all others. Yet I’m afraid you’re wrong. The FSM LOVES YOU, HE LOVES YOU!!

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