religious discrimination

Published December 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

I am a very loyal follower to the FSM and a very peaceful pastafarian. However, something has made me quite upset lately. I was telling my classmates about Him and all of His wonderful doings while of course while wearing my eye patch and a pirates jacket. You know the basics. I was doing this because of my religious beliefs, as that’s what the FSM wishes we do. You know of course that pirate garb is not an option. I was just about done when my teacher calls from her desk if my eye patch is a medical thing. I, being loyal stated that it was for my religious beliefs and it’s not an option for me. She again tells me to take it off and I again explain it to her. Then she says if I refuse once more then she would send me to the principles office. I was enraged! The school policy says that the school can’t do anything about religious beliefs or go between them. I couldn’t go to the principles office because he would call my mom and explain it. She hates Pastafarians like me. Instead of speaking out against my teacher, I grabbed my gospel of the FSM and went over and showed her how this is actually true. She took it as a joke and took my eye patch. That is the same as taking a Christians cross.

This needs to be addressed. People are unaware that we are a serious religion and take it as a joke.

I am asking you to help me get FSMism recognized in my Middle school. I don’t necessarily need a class, although that would be nice. Maybe just a FSM awareness lecture. -Jeffrey

I suggest a well-reasoned letter to the teacher, principal, superintendent, and your local ACLU. Explain that it’s not your intention to make a scene, only to carry out your constitutionally-guaranteed religious rights in a non-disruptive manner. Perhaps suggest that other religious tokens be banned as well, Christian crosses, Jewish yarmulkes, etc.

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  1. Jeff says:

    @Big Popo

    Im not going to give my address out online, but if you write a letter and send it to me at [email protected] then i will send it and give you credit.

  2. Peter Popoff says:

    I love it when you say ‘big pappa’ put your hands in the air and say ‘papa’

  3. Peter Popoff says:

    I’m sorry to anybody that cares, but I’ve been on my own holiday for the last two weeks now. And I have been drinking accordingly.
    And oh yeah, I love music!

  4. Logger says:

    Um…Eggy, at the begining of the Gospel it says it does contradict itself (as do all religions), which is the FSM testing us. Really, read the gospel again, it’s a very good book.

  5. Booty says:

    Good luck!

  6. Felipe de Flandes says:

    Interesting (to me, European) to notice that this kind of debating still is possible in the US! Although I’m convinced there is no way to convince people who are used to think solely within their own circle, denying and/or ignoring everything outside it (outside and contradicting!), you should keep on trying. Good luck!

  7. Felipe de Flandes says:

    Found out about FSM yesterday, loved the idea AND the design, found in intelligent (haha), ordered two T-shirts. Yeah!

  8. Teh Pirate Fish says:

    I feel for you. My Christian debate teacher gave me an F and told me to “repent or God will punish me” because I gave a speech that pointed out many of the flaws in Christianity. Organize the wearing of eyepatches all on one day. ;)

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