NY Dolls and FSM

Published December 6th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Dano Johnson, the animator of the NY Dolls video, which featured the Flying Spaghetti Monster, just let me know that their video “Dance Like a Monkey” won Best Music Video at the Bradford Animation Festival in the UK (their biggest animation fest). Congratulations!
The video, for those who missed it:


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  1. Pixel Pete says:

    @Queen of Rock’n’Roll
    They’re probably not required but I’d recommend them, it teaches you the basics of being a pirate.
    I haven’t watched it but if it’s anything like OEJ and Queen of Rock’n’Roll say it is, it’s probably good.
    Don’t forget to kill those evil flame people!!!

  2. Booty says:

    @Rodger the cabin boy
    Thanks – I still want the book though :)

  3. Peeden says:

    I agree with evolution, but doesn’t this song set a bad example by saying “Evolution is your absolute.” Doesn’t us forcing are own ideals on someone make us as bad as the creationist who send all of that dreadful hate mail.

  4. J says:


  5. PM says:

    Unfortunately guys I think this video promotes ID…

    “You just started ten thousand years ago
    Presto Adam and Eve and go man go
    Abel died, Cain took his life
    And headed straight to the jungle to find a wife – wow!
    Non-believers blame it all on apes
    It’s monkey time – I want to see you shake
    Evolution is obsolete”
    A cool video, and although it references the FSM it’s got a bad message.

  6. J says:

    No, what’s giving out a bad message is people like you who think that this “religion” that’s based on a complete joke, is true….”Pastafarianism” is a great example of a practical joke gone horribly, horribly wrong

  7. Peeden says:

    big problem with the New York Dolls is that they allowed David Johansen back, formerly known as Buster Poindexter (the guy who song HOT,HOT,HOT).

  8. Katsu says:

    hehehe I have that same problem with Bess blocking YouTube.
    Also a very good video. Goes well with Air America

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