more fsm art

Published December 18th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Thanks to Jordan Fleitz for sending this to me. If you look closely, there’s a midget in the background.


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  1. Allen Conover says:

    Eat this 8=======D

  2. Re-Oared Marc says:

    You don’t think that anyone is actually going to read your cut and paste drivel, do you?

  3. Heathen says:

    Wow Allen, what a great point. I think your first two sentences pretty well summed up the tolerant loving attitude displayed by most religions. As to the rest of your “communication” – there is a very nice book called “Lost City” by a nice man named Clive Cussler – it bears as much sembelence to reality as do the books you mentioned, but with much less murder, rape, pillage, and conquest. Maybe you should try reading some of the books by the nice Mr. Cussler, try to remember to take your meds, and try rereading your first two sentences and ponder maybe why more and more people reject the rigid intolerant attitude fostered by your mythiological religion.

  4. Mad John Kidd says:

    Thanks, Allen Conover, but we have our own gospel. And you know where you can stick your’s. Besides, you skipped the bit about how the bible was adopted from ancient Phoenician and Babylonian texts when it was translated into various Aramaic dialects. Maybe you should actually try reading the bits first, before you cut-n-paste. Just a suggestion.


  5. Bobby Sakura says:

    Yo man i dun saw that spagetti monster and i busted he ass wit mi gat yo word top ur mommas when i dun saw dat i told mi homies that tey be trippin because tey aint shotin no spagetti they be shootin each other man its wak

  6. Allen Conover says:

    i i love to shove the bible up my ass it feels soooo good im doing it right now (twich) oh ya69 with my dad im a fag just like you 69 i have fun raping pirates and little boys at my church

  7. Bobby Sakura says:

    yo man dat fag allen is trippin yo he should be havin sex wit dat heaten guyn makin itnasty and slimey he be likin dat so does my ho she lic it rough and slimmy
    she besucin my homi right nizzow yo man he just dun shot her face thats hardcore man i got to go izzle

  8. Re-Oared Marc says:

    You kids do know that the webmaster here has your IP addresses and can trace you. He can also send these posts of yours to your internet service provider. They, in turn, can send them to your parents as explanation as to why they are discontinuing your internet service. If you are posting from school equipment, that is very easy to trace — easier, in fact, than personal services. I am sure your principal will be happy to hear what his/her students are doing on publicly owned equipment.

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