more fsm art

Published December 18th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Thanks to Jordan Fleitz for sending this to me. If you look closely, there’s a midget in the background.


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  1. PirateyMorgan says:

    If you want to appreciate the Pastafarian Mona Lisa at a full extent, then just click on the thumb nail.

  2. Spotted Zebra says:

    @Jimbo Jones
    “My balls hurt I shoved them in my arse it hurts. FSM sucks balls. I served with him in Vietnam, he shot me in the ball sack, mother fucker.”…you know Jimbo you really are fucking stupid…and you can’t spell.

  3. Pixel Pete says:

    @Jimbo Jones
    Go to hell
    @Leonardo Da Vinci
    FSM bless you brother

  4. Queen of Rock'n'Roll says:

    This is a family site; please, no more rudeness from the fundamentalists. Thank you.

  5. Haha says:

    I thought it was spelled “midgit”[sic]

  6. Katsu says:

    @ jumbo fundie
    Do you believe that by saying balls you are manly? And do you think by being manly we will follow you? P.S. go to hell

  7. tha beast from tha east says:

    I think jimbo is just trying to be satirical (although i’m not exactly sure as to the purpose, maybe fundies are stupid?) either way, logic would say that if jimbo was seriously retarded, he would have spelled at least something (longer than 3 letters) right, if u look @ his other posts, ull see they are the same. Of course he could be a fundie (gasp) and ur comments are well deserved. Either way, I’d like to ask Katsu if he will be paying for the transportation costs for this trip to hell.

  8. Thanatos says:

    The fact that you’re here, trying to fuck around with people using your travesty of communication suggests to me that you don’t have a life, and that you’re stupid beyond the legal limit.

    I normally don’t appreciate art, but that is one beautiful masterpiece.


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