Merry Pasta

Published December 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

LJ Milford sent this to me. I like it.

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  1. Wench Nikky says:

    For those of you who may not have seen this already, just a little Holiday cheer.
    Santa Claus Clings to Life After Brutal Horsewhipping by Angry Children!
    Keeping the Christ in Christmas!

    “Freehold Iowa – Tom Dawkins, an unrepentant Atheist and local troublemaker is hospitalized and remains in not-critical-enough condition at the Landover Baptist Memorial Hospital for the Saved. Earlier this week, Dawkins thought he’d have a little fun at the expense of Christian sensitivity by dressing up as a pagan pedophile (“Santa
    Claus”) and undermining the ‘Jeebusness’ of the cutthroat sale-searching going on at Landover’s Christian Shopping Mall.”
    Well, I confess, I did edit one word in that intro! Apologies, just can’t seem to help myself.

  2. Wench Nikky says:

    Also, I’d like to point out that Santa has taught those of you with young ones some valuable lesson. Always check the battery size of Santa’s gifts, to make sure it is an easily replaceable/affordable size and always listen to any vocal renditions emerging from same, so as to ascertain how long these emissions can be tolerated before attempted murder on the reciever of the said gift. Comtemplated stangulation is also known to occur in the mind of relative/close friend of those acting on Santa’s behalf and delivering such vocal givings.
    Have a Happy Holiday. Eat drink and be merry. Love/protect/notice all the little kids all year round.
    The righ wing god botherers force feed children dogma, which is in no way going to help them prepare for the problems of this little green/blue planet, that lay ahead of them.
    Force feeding a child, your own religious belief system is not only a crime against that child, but also a crime against society/humanity as a whole. (bugga….that sounds very fundie, doesn’t it?)
    In other words ‘be more alert, coz the world needs more lerts!’
    I, personally feel just as strongly, about anyone who indoctrinates kids, no matter what the angle of the dogma. Teach them to make their own rational judgements.
    trust them, to do so (well after a certain age, of course….we all know about hormones!)
    I know I’m not suggesting anything new here, just that I feel very, very strongly about this. If I have a ‘belief’ in anything, it is that I believe we should encourage future generations to think rationally (no imaginary friend required), because, maybe, not individually you and I, but a few generations which preceded them have left them a lot of shit to deal with! Not their fault either! As a absrtactly thinking species, we are learning as we go. I think the kids, should be aware of this fact!
    PS I have a severe aversion to people who assume they ‘own’ their children and therefore, whatever indoctrination the parents deem suitable, goes. End of story!
    (Insert lots of Nikky swearing under breath in incoherent language here…..)
    PPS: Apologies if I already stated this in this very same post. (I just feel kinda strongly about it….but will never apologize for that!)
    To the god -botherers:
    This is not just about kids in general, it’s about kids as the whole next generation, so I’d just ike to take this opportunity to tell the indoctrinators, of all creeds and colours, get your head out of your own ass, and teach the/your kids to make their own judgements and ascertain their own version of the ‘truth’
    OK I’m going to stop there because I’m capable of pages and pages and pages on this opinion/topic/emotion!
    RAmen and happy Holiday to all those dedicated Pirates out there. You know you rock, I know you rock and everyone with any rational thinking capability, knows CoFSM rocks.
    RAmen Guys.
    PPPs (whatever!)
    The touch of the Noodle is a good thing, as we already know.
    I can do a whole heap of this shit technically if required, but it is nice to just chill out around the outdoor barby, that is the CoFSM.
    To Prophet Bobby (you know you are never going to live this down don’t you? You get that! Only on the big jobs though!), you and yours, i,e. Carie (sp. again? sorry if so fact so!) and her great mum (and apparently some sort of deranged cat which eats people?) have a Happy Holiday, won’t you,

  3. Wench Nikky says:

    Spelling & grammar erors in past post/s should be excused, for absolutely no reason whatsoever!

  4. ContAltDel says:

    I was play with my Scrabble set (limited alphabet version) and was going to spell S-A-N-T-A when I anagrammed it S-A-T-A-N.
    Am I the first to notice this, or was being held back three years in a row that damaging?

  5. ContAltDel says:

    Oops. Wrong thread. Shoulda been ‘Santa- vs FSM’.

    I DID mention about being held back…

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