Kennesaw fsm sighting

Published December 11th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

There has been a few sightings of the noodly man upstairs around the Kennesaw
State University campus outside of Atlanta!!! (picture included)


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  1. L'TUAE_42 says:

    And though it probably wasn’t spiked with arsenic, it was definatly spiked with SOMETHING strong.

  2. L'TUAE_42 says:

    So teribbly sorry- that should have been “spiked with cyanide”. My mistake. It’s so easy to get these polyatomic cult ions confused.

  3. Alchemist says:

    I prefer arsenic (although polyatomic …ions hmmm :-o)
    You can get some fantastic As compounds. Like Arsine or, my favourite, Arsole. Not to be sniffed at!

  4. L'TUAE_42 says:

    Haven’t heard of Arsole, enlighten me mabye? What’s the formula?

  5. Mad John Kidd says:

    Arse + hole. “Not to be sniffed at!” ;)

  6. ALex Zaganas says:

    WHOO FOR KENNESAW! Glad to see im not the only FSM follower in this city!

  7. Alchemist says:

    L,TUAE – it’s C4H5As. And yes – it’s a five membered aromatic ring! (joy)
    If you add a benzene to it you get benzarsole. If you add six benzenes – sexibenzarsole.


  8. Gnocci Man says:

    What about the megaphone, munchnones, cummingtonite, moronic acid, traumatic acid, psicose, commic acid, diabolic acid, angelic acid, constipatic acid, penguinone, apatite, furfuryl furfurate, performic acid, diuria, sodomide, technetium cow, thebacon, and of course, austin molecules?
    It’s good to know how many scientists have great senses of humor.
    Here’s a link to a good page about molecules with humorous names:

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