Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution

Published December 5th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

The satirical news magazine The Onion has a new article out on the Kansas Intelligent Design / Evolution issue:  Kansas Outlaws Practice Of Evolution.

In response to a Nov. 7 referendum, Kansas lawmakers passed emergency legislation outlawing evolution, the highly controversial process responsible for the development and diversity of species and the continued survival of all life.


Link to article.

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  1. Comatose says:

    @Pixel Pete

    Yeah tottaly awesome! That WTF was like wow, I bet FSM would even be a little proud! :D Yay Two extra beers at the heavenly stripper factory for that one!

  2. Cat says:

    Duh, some people in Kansas really haven’t evolved, why else would they protest so much? Many are still single (brain) celled organisms who replicate by reproducing with their close relatives. If evolution can be taught it will be obvious that some people in Kansas haven’t evolved, and then they will feel stupid. If Intelligent Design is true then it’s not their fault they have red necks – god made them that way.

  3. Some random person says:

    This wouldnt suprise me too much if it was true =\

  4. übertroll says:

    In fact, it surprises me that it isn’t true.

  5. PIxel Pete says:

    You forgot the part about me being awesome. I will always be here to battle the eivl flame people and support the FSM!!!
    Don’t forget that Pixel Pete is AWESOME(ego booster☺)

  6. PIxel Pete says:

    If you were wondering
    Alt + 1 = ☺
    Alt + 156 = £
    Alt + 525 = ♪
    Alt + 145 = æ
    Alt + 1958 = ª
    Alt + 687 = »
    And finally(but I’ll spam the hell out of you if you use these)
    Alt + 475 = â–ˆ
    Alt + 223 = â–€
    Ask me if you need some more
    Now go forth and spread symbol-making to all the FSM’s people.
    I just realized this, i spelled my name wrong(tee-hee)

  7. Pixel Pete says:

    There, all better!

  8. Wench Nikkiee says:

    That’ll show them ……er…I mean dem money grabbing evilutionary conspiracists.
    Everyone knows that genetic variation is a tool of Satan. At least now, inbreeding shouldn’t create any more problems (defects) for those in Kansas.

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