is this a joke, or are you just retarded?

Published December 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

How can a thing made by man be god? its fucking spagetti! people EAT IT! why would you let people EAT your god? Everyone I know thinks you are retarded, so congrats there :P

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  2. luv jain says:

    u cant eat it because the FSM hasnt visited ur sory ass, ur thiking (if u can…) of spaghetii, not the FSM

  3. Joukahainen says:

    Spaghetti was made in FSM’s image, not the other way around. Or are you confusing things with some religion perhaps?

  4. The Real Truth Has Just Been Told says:

    Then again unfortunately, just look at the very retarded women that are all over the place nowadays. Very scary altogether.

    • Mrs. Hankey says:

      Yeah, they must be the ones with retarded fathers, brothers and husbands. It’s scary that such men can breed.
      You need to leave your mum’s cellar more often.

      • I Agree says:

        Said the retarded loser herself.

  5. Gabriel Reyes says:

    Somebody toucha ma spaghet!!

  6. AthiestMan says:

    Well God is certainly very severely retarded for punishing many of us good innocent people for No Reason at all, and a real God would’ve never done this at all.

    • bruceo says:

      Don’t use the “r” word!
      God is actually “developmentally disabled”.

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