FSM Holiday Pageant audience reaction

Published December 3rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Hunger Artists‘s Flying Spaghetti Monster Holiday pageant opened last night.  Here are the reactions from the audience:

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  1. Jingles says:

    Hmmmm… no one can deny the awesome power of the noodley appendage. :P

  2. Penne says:

    The sauce has spoken,and some of it might have even been the kind you put on pasta.

  3. Worshipping From Afar says:

    Please, please tell me that this FSM pageant will be videotaped and distributed for sale! I’m sure that many of us would love to be able to attend the play but can’t because of the distance, so it’d be awesome to be able to buy the tape. Thanks!

  4. Jon E says:

    Yeah, available for sale and hopefully a tour as well. Those of us the other side of the Atlantic would like to see this as well.

  5. Rodger the cabin boy says:

    First southpark now this the fsm truly is almighty.

  6. L'TUAE_42 says:

    Damn you dial up connection! Too slow!

  7. Gnocci Man says:

    I know the pain.
    gotta get me a video o’ this-a here pro-duction. arrrrr…

  8. AloneWithTheGospel says:

    Hmm…Video tapes? How much…I’m going to buy 400 of them…

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