Here’s what I want this year

Published December 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

In case you’re wondering…

Until we get the *real* pirate ship, I just want a little boat. Like this one:

flicka2.jpg flicka3.jpg flicka5.jpg flicka6.jpg

A yacht like this runs about $35k. Considering the traffic this website gets, it should be no problem raising that much cash. Let’s try:

*Update* There is no longer a random shipping cost added to donations

348 Responses to “Here’s what I want this year”

  1. Jingles says:

    YARRR Some whiskey for the shanty men!
    Whiskey-O – as sung by Donkey’s Breakfast
    Whiskey-o, Johny-o
    Rise her up from down below
    Whiskey, whiskey, whiskey-o
    Up aloft this yard must go
    John rise her up from down below
    Now whiskey is the life of man
    Always was since the world began
    Now whiskey gave me a broken nose
    And whiskey made me pawn me clothes
    Now whiskey is the life of man
    Whiskey from that old tin can
    I thought I heard the first mate say
    I treats me crew in a decent way
    A glass of whiskey all around
    And a bottle full for the shanty man
    (Spoken: Up she blew!)

  2. dmbd8GSCuV says:

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  5. Gomer says:

    We need to get serious about this ship of ours. We need to contact Discovery or Fox or somewhere about a show where people build reallly cool things from legendary myths or futuristic stories. We pitch the idea, then suggest the first thing the team builds is a pirate ship. It should be huge and capable of amazing speeds for sailing. It will need cannons, a poop deck, classic rigging set up, and all of that jazz. We suggest a bottom deck next to the cabins that has barrels full of grog. We come up with the idea, and get copyright over it. We sell the rights to the producers on one condition. We keep the ship once it is done. After they make a badass ship, they will build all sorts of other stuff. Imagine Mythbusters with bigger budget and no limits. Once they are done making the stuff, they give it away to people who can legally use it. This is my idea, and through it we get a ship and a cool TV show to watch.
    Mr. Henderson, if you read this, i hope you contact my email. I would gladly write up a proposal for the networks if I can man one of the cannons.

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