Here’s what I want this year

Published December 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

In case you’re wondering…

Until we get the *real* pirate ship, I just want a little boat. Like this one:

flicka2.jpg flicka3.jpg flicka5.jpg flicka6.jpg

A yacht like this runs about $35k. Considering the traffic this website gets, it should be no problem raising that much cash. Let’s try:

*Update* There is no longer a random shipping cost added to donations

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  1. Alchemist says:

    Can’t see how we’d all fit on that. How much does a second-hand destroyer cost? I bet Russia will sell us one.

  2. Российская says:

    asking price for a Ex Soviet destroyer is:
    34119598.39 rubles or 1,200,000 US dollars
    i know some people so I’ll hook you guys up

  3. Fr. Corpus Callosum says:

    All of the animals in the whole world fit on Noah’s ark, so I think all of us Pastafarians should fit on the FSM’s pirate ship. It’s a mystery of our faith!!!

  4. One Eyed Jack says:

    1,200,000 for a Russian destroyer? That’s a bargain! Is that with or without a proper supply of vodka?

  5. Alchemist says:

    OEJ – not kidding that’s a bargain. That’s a town house in London price. Can we have the pepper vodka?
    MSNBC News: The Pastafarian fleet was last seen cruising towards the Cayman(?) Islands. According to one of our sources, they are sailing straight for Hell.
    After the break: Elvis and the burger recession. Has he risen from the dead? Stay tuned.

  6. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:

    Destroyer for $1.2M!
    We want pictures, we want specs. we need to know crew and running costs.
    We need know how much paint we need for a whopping great skull and cross-bones on the side….

  7. Российская says:

    due to evolving need in aid defance This resulted in the construction of the Type 052B Guangzhou-class multirole missile destroyer. The Type 052B is built with considerable Russian technology including the Russian-made 9M38 Buk-M1-2 (NATO codename: SA-N-12 Grizzly) air defence missile system, a extremely effective air defence system equipped on all Russian destroyer after the late 80s. Most military analysists expect the Guangzhou-class to be similar to the Russian Sovremenny class destroyer in terms of general performance. The displace of the Type 52B is 6,500 tons. The ship features a “low point” design to reduce radar signature. It is also painted with radar absorbing paint. The stern flight deck can host a Kamov Ka-28 ASW helicopterUnit cost – around US$400 million per ship by 2004’s price
    Ships – DDG 168 Guangzhou and DDG 169 Wuhan as of 2006
    Propulsion – 2 Ukraine DN80 gas-turbines and 2 MTU Friedrichshafen 12V 1163TB83 diesels
    Length – 153 meters
    Beam – 16.5 meters
    Draft – 6 meters
    Displacement – 6,600 tonnes (full load)
    Speed – 30 knots
    Crew – 250 (40 officers)
    Combat Data System – ZKJ-7 information processing system designed by the 709th Institute (reported speed: 100 MB/s)
    Data link: HN-900 (Chinese equivalent of Link 11A/B, to be upgraded)
    Communication: SNTI-240 SATCOM

    My bad 400,000,000

  8. Alchemist says:

    I say we start saving. Are Grizzly similar to Gadfly?

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