Here’s what I want this year

Published December 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

In case you’re wondering…

Until we get the *real* pirate ship, I just want a little boat. Like this one:

flicka2.jpg flicka3.jpg flicka5.jpg flicka6.jpg

A yacht like this runs about $35k. Considering the traffic this website gets, it should be no problem raising that much cash. Let’s try:

*Update* There is no longer a random shipping cost added to donations

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  1. ThatHippyMan says:

    I might donate when I get everything all paid out.
    If I do, will I be able to travel the world with you and spread the Good News of Flying Spaghetti Monster and pirates?

  2. Jingles says:

    Hmmm… I think you better hope the christmas pirate is in a good mood…

  3. Booty says:

    Not just before the Holidays Bobby! All out loot has been spent on the little pirates!
    Give us another prod in the new year :)
    Still, nice boat (ship???) We are landlocked, my pirate lingo is a bit rusty!

  4. chirs3 says:

    Whuh-ohs. I tried to donate, but it wanted to charge shipping and handling.

    Is the money going to a Paypal account, or directly to you?

    I’ve no objection either way, I just want to make sure PP isn’t trying to screw me out of an extra 4.95. :P

  5. One Eyed Jack says:

    Last I checked, Arizona is a bit short on decent pirate ports.
    Of course, a proper pirate would never ‘buy’ a ship…

  6. Российская says:

    In Russia, contrary to many western countries, Christmas is being celebrated not on 25th December but on 7th January, because it’s orthodox’ Christmas. And the New Year is much more celebrated than christmas.

    a pirate ship would be cool too
    lots of guns!

  7. Doubting Thomas says:

    I have a few questions regarding the pirate ship (no jokes here, I am sincerely asking):
    — If purchased, where will this pirate ship be docked?
    — Will the ship be available for use to all Pastafarians?
    — If not enough cash is raised to purchase the ship, will there be a provision to refund all monies that have been donated?
    I would be happy to donate but I would like to make sure that all the details are in place first. Thanks much.

  8. Queen of Rock'n'Roll says:

    What a great boat! Can I have one, too? Where is this boat located, by the way? I agree with One Eyed Jack… “a proper pirate would never ‘buy’ a ship”… RAmen to that!!

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