Get a bible and read it throughly

Published December 28th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Get a bible…and read it throughly
Stop being stupid
God is our maker
leave that as it be, because it IS the truth
and to the comment above me, that was god hoping to help.
I feel for all of you who believe this idiotic belief.
and i hope you change sometime in your life so you can make it to heaven.

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  1. Rasputin says:

    Yes, Cap’n. I wouldn’t want to eat a dead dog even if I was Korean.

  2. Captain Birdseye says:

    That would be a zombie dog, of course, which not even Koreans can boast. Jew-on-a-stick seems to be the only zombie dish on offer.

  3. Excelsior says:

    I have many Christian friends who want to convert to Pastafarian because Saint Peter won’t let them take their dog with them into heaven. Not only are they not allowed to take dogs into heaven, in heaven you lose your sex and family and become a sexless angel and have no activities except singing hossannah 24\7\365. It will drive you crazy!

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