FSM Nativity

Published December 12th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

John LaDue sent me this picture of an FSM Nativity scene.


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  1. General Rotelle says:

    Dear Archbishop Tagliatelle,

    There is already a schism. One one side there are the blessed true believers. On the other there are the great unwashed–those who believe the FSM is “satire”. The first party is destined for beer volcanos and strippers. The second will drown for eternity in a scalding pot of marinara.


  2. J.Salem says:

    Ciao Luca, hello Mike T,
    another Italian Pastafarian here! Don’t worry, we’re hiding just to prepare ourselves to…AAAAARRRRRR OVERCOME! Our faith is strong, and the almighty noodle will surround the world.
    In the light of His Noodly Appendage,

  3. luca says:

    @Mike T

    here there are 2 italians!

    watch out from overcooked spaghetti….they’re like satan!! :D


  4. John L says:

    @Wench Nikkiee
    Of course it would make sense for the nativity scene to be reversed, but that is the power of FSM. Much like he makes scientists think the world is millions of years old, he switches things around to look like humans gave birth to him. Never underestimate His craftiness (or his tastiness).

  5. Carl Noggle says:

    We must avoid schism in the true faith lest we fall into the terrible situation that has befallen the Frisbeeterians. A schismatic sect has arisen that doubts the founding faith that when we die their soul goes up on the roof and stays there. These apostates insist that their souls go under the car and stay there.

    Now from the point of view of a Pastafarian this seems but a small matter, of no more import than arguing over how many angels could dance on the tip of His Noodly Appendage. But it has set brother against brother, father against son, and third cousin twice removed against great-aunt. What a tragedy it would be if we were beset by such catastrophic contumely.

    If we are sure to vindicate unswervingly the letter of our creed, while letting no suitable antipodean hypothesis be denied substantiation, we will be spared this crap.

    In His noodly Name,

    Carl, a humble seeker of truth

  6. Chap says:

    I can’t see the nativity scene that well…..

  7. Российская says:

    Ha ha ha great how can i set this as my background

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