FSM Holliday Tree from Poland

Published December 23rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson
Because of my simple english, this letter will be short. :)
It’s My FSM Holliday Tree from Szczecin Poland.
Be strong for One True Monster !
Sebastian Palusiński


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  1. Wench Nikky says:

    “to get out of Poland somehow, when the st*t started to hit the fan. (so to speak)”
    Actually, that would have been well before WWII/holocaust. Must find out more about it!

  2. Tagliatellius says:

    I used to work with lots of Poles, on construction sites and down coal mines, all jolly fine fellows, oh….and their Polish vodka would render me speechless and if spilt on a table it would burn the varnish off! hic…..Ramen Brothers and Sisters of the Holy Sauce.

  3. Nataly says:

    I’m under the impression, that for some of You being from Poland means, that we’re almost from Mars or Moon. We don’t also live in Siberia, anywhere else in Russia and not on the North Pole. It is not true. Poland lies between Germany and Lithuania, Belarus and Ukrainien. In the middle of Europe :)

    It is sad to hear from You, that so many ancestors of You had died during the Holocaust. My family was no Jewish, but also had a lot of problems during the War. Thank God it’s history now and all we can do is to try make it never happen again.

    Kisses from Poland

  4. tha beast from tha east says:

    Both my grandparents fought in the war (2 of course) on the Russian side, and Russia’s not in the middle of nowhere, in fact, you can find it quite easily; it’s the biggest country in Europe andAsia… Oh and I’m not a Jew

  5. Iron gill Kidd says:

    Hmm….my relatives were all over here in the US by the time WW2 came around, though I believe my mom’s mom had some cousins over in Poland and Romania who were killed (being Jews and all). Sadly I never got a chance to meet her; lots about that side of the family I don’t know.

  6. Beastly Rich says:

    None of this stops a load of people claiming it never happened.

  7. Iron gill Kidd says:

    Well, people will be human, and humans will be a lot of dumb idiots. I’m not sure how you can deny the Holocaust ever happened when there are still plenty of people alive today with the numbers on their arms…

  8. Rabbit says:

    Never mind Eurpoe or Asia, Russia’s pretty much the biggest country in the world. I think Nataly meant that Poland isn’t a really obscour(I already know I can’t spell, in English) place.
    Who tries to claim that the Holocaust never happened?

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