Christmas Pirate

Published December 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

At our office Christmas party, we had the surprise to be visited by one very special character: the Christmas Pirate! This guy was in for some plunder, but in a strange way: he would ask someone if he or she would prefer a new gift from his lot or rather steal another one’s gift that was already given; if the person chose the latter, he would then use his mighty weapon to threat the other poor chap to give away his gift (but was offered a new gift from his lot as a replacement)! And all of this was apparently supervised by Our Noodly Master Who was quietly sitting on the Christmas Pirate shoulder!

Fortunately, pictures were taken that prove I am not lying; I attached some of them to the present e-mail.

So, I would like the people to be warned about the existence of this new type of Santa and tell them that maybe milk and cookies won’t do it this year…

-Eric Martel

christmas_pirate_1.jpg christmas_pirate_2.jpg christmas_pirate_3.jpg

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  1. Booty says:

    What a good idea!
    Have heard about something similar in the Googlewhack book (Dave Gorman)
    Should be added to the Holiday traditions everywhere :)

  2. Andrew says:

    That’s an awesome idea!

    In refrence to Pirates, I would just like to note that MORE Pastafarians are coming out of the works!

    I was cruising a certain website dedicated to possesive spaces of idividuals when I came across my favorite musician, Ben Folds. In his new video, “Learn to Live with What you Are” Ben dons the holy wardrobe and cavorts around town.

    Link Here:http://mv.music.yahoo.com/player/default.asp?cid=1&ps=0&vid=37001499&bw=10000&tw=lmv&pv=10&fs=0

    I would just like to Congratulate Mr. Folds on coming out as a Pastafarian.

  3. Queen of Rock'n'Roll says:

    This is brilliant! A Christmas Pirate! I love the Flying Spaghetti Monster, I really do.

  4. Jimbo Jones says:

    thuts nots funny i wuz rapued by purits i shit u not

  5. Meow_Mix says:

    OMG that’s awesome… just want to know a few things.
    – Does he respect X-mas trees as places to leave gifts?
    – Does he visit anyplace other than offices (schools, homes, etc.)?
    – Should I encourage a visit by leaving out a nice bowl of ramen instead of the bland and predictable milk and cookie combination? Or does he prefer some other type of noodle?

    Yaaaarrgh and RAmen.

  6. Meow_Mix says:

    And of course I’d leave some cool grog as well.

  7. Gnocci Man says:

    you know, santa is one of the simplest anagrams possible for satan. kinda funny what through th xtians heads.
    All hail his piratey goodness!

  8. L'TUAE_42 says:

    That game is ancient, dude. My family has been playing it for years, save we call it the white elephant for some reason I can’t remember.

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