Christmas Pirate

Published December 17th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

At our office Christmas party, we had the surprise to be visited by one very special character: the Christmas Pirate! This guy was in for some plunder, but in a strange way: he would ask someone if he or she would prefer a new gift from his lot or rather steal another one’s gift that was already given; if the person chose the latter, he would then use his mighty weapon to threat the other poor chap to give away his gift (but was offered a new gift from his lot as a replacement)! And all of this was apparently supervised by Our Noodly Master Who was quietly sitting on the Christmas Pirate shoulder!

Fortunately, pictures were taken that prove I am not lying; I attached some of them to the present e-mail.

So, I would like the people to be warned about the existence of this new type of Santa and tell them that maybe milk and cookies won’t do it this year…

-Eric Martel

christmas_pirate_1.jpg christmas_pirate_2.jpg christmas_pirate_3.jpg