Discovery Institute – Celebrating Xmas at the cfsm

Published December 29th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


Casey Luskin of the Discovery Institute‘s Evolution News & Views has posted an article on the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster’s treatment of the Christmas holiday.

During the holiday season, many Americans take time to seriously and respectfully reflect on Judeo-Christian religious beliefs. Not so for one website, the “Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster” (FSM), a pro-evolution satire against intelligent design. They exhibit no interest in treating Christian holidays with respect. To celebrate the season, they are selling Christmas cards which show a dead Christian fish symbol. Other Christmas Cards portray Michelangelo’s well-known “Creation of Adam” painting on the Sistene Chapel, but the FSM cards have God replaced by the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Another graphic promoted on the page shows a nativity scene where Jesus is replaced by the “Flying Spaghetti Monster.” I can appreciate humor, but it’s also clear that the FSM images are intended to mock traditional religion:


I disagree with most of what he’s saying – we are no more mocking Christian beliefs than Christians are mocking ours – but it’s an interesting read.

You can read the whole article here.

161 Responses to “Discovery Institute – Celebrating Xmas at the cfsm”

  1. Queen Uschi says:

    Da delo dazhe ne v goda. Queen Uschi.

  2. Ulf Raharjo says:

    when you say it’s ove. Ulf Raharjo.

  3. Gautam Asaf says:

    and then i came out, mommy move me down sout. Gautam Asaf.

  4. Ham Nox says:

    I for one feel insulted by the insinuation that the symbols and beliefs of my faith are but a mere mockery of the Judeo-Christian delusion. It’s absolutely preposterous, for pastafarianism has CLEARLY been around much longer than Christianity as evidenced in the Open Letter and counting from the time that the FSM (Praise be him!) sends a few pastafarians to the beginning of time in case he has forgotten to do so before.

    What is this nonsense about the pirate fish being a dead Christian ichythus? I have neither seen nor heard any indication that the great holy pirate fish being a skeleton was intended to portray Christianity as ‘dead’. It’s just the natural course of things that a sacred pirate symbol would be a skeleton, for every good treasure needs a skeleton to guard it, and there needs be many old bones of fish long since gone to feeding the good ‘lil buccaneers and wenches along with a delicious bowl of pasta. In any case the point of its specific meaning is moot. As pastafarianism came chronologically before Christianity, it could only be the latter that did any mocking. It removed both the holy symbol of a god-beloved pirate–the eyepatch–and destroyed the sign of prosperity and good eating for all man-kind by dressing it back in common fish flesh. Pray, what is to be found divine about a dumb old regular fish?

    ~Ham no Nox

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