1st Holiday Tree of the season

Published December 8th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Matt Kent sent me this:


I like the shadow it makes on the ceiling.  Holiday Trees, anyone else?  Send pics, I’ll post them.

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  1. Spotted Zebra says:

    Please direct any prayers for us to the FSM.

  2. Walker (True beleiver) says:

    I beleive Pastafarianism but my school wont let me wear my uniform!!!!!……

    -Walker (True Beleiver)

  3. J says:

    Dear Walker (True beleiver)
    Your school, predictably, is arse.
    May I suggest donning your uniform and marching, cutlass in hand, into your headteacher’s office. Use your best argumentative skills (including anything useful you may have picked up at this site) to persuade your principal (not omitting the language of sweeping, cutlass-contingent gestures). You may also find it useful to coach your parrot to interpret any silence on your part as an instruction to scream ‘Listen to the pirate! Listen to the pirate!’ at maximum volume.
    Do not forget to share some sweets (candy) with her/him throughout your presentation, and again before you leave. This is the pirate’s way.
    Good luck, Jim lad, and Arrrrrrr.

  4. tha beast from tha east says:

    “God will never forsake you”
    much like he “never forsake” Jesus (see Jesus’s last words in the last chapter of Mark). If God forsaked (a word?) his only son, what hope can we have of not being forsaken?
    Walker, I’m sure you can bring up an argument about the school dress code policy on hats. In my district, you are only able to wear hats because of special religious and/or (although i don’t know how you can combine the 2 with an and) medical reasons. This is of course assuming you go to public school. If you find yourself losing the argument, ask for a compromise; wear your entire uniform on your hat and claim it to be a religious and/or medical requirement. And when the authorities claim your religion is bullshit, act all offended and claim your father’s a lawyer and that you will contact the ACLU (american civil liberties union) if your requests are not fulfilled. Write back on how it all goes.
    tha beast

  5. Spotted Zebra says:

    Devout men of religion have been persecuted for their beliefs throughout the ages…you my friend are no different. The way I see it you have two choices. 1. denounce your faith in the exhaulted FSM, or; 2. Continue to attend class dressed as a pirate until the fascist pigs in charge drag you and your faithful parrot screaming and squawking from the premises…I think that having been touched by the noodley appendage that you know which choice is the correct one.


  6. Wench Nikkiee says:

    @Spotted Zebra
    “until the fascist pigs in charge drag you and your faithful parrot screaming and squawking from the premises…”
    hahahaha…..had the mental picture, especially of sqawking flapping parrot.

  7. pic o’ the day: Flying Spaghetti Monster holiday tree « raincoaster says:

    […] Part whatever in a multicultural holiday series. From the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster, which has issued a call for more photos of such shockingly idolatrous and high-GI seasonal decorations. […]

  8. Bonezesquato says:

    This a nice little wallpaper I created.

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