you’re a complete idiot.

Published November 29th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Right, you are some geek sitting up in your one bedroomed appartment thinking of ways to get kicks out of life. Now u have captured my best mate and i wont stop until FSM is expossed as the shabby, bare walled, well conducted piece of rubbish that it is.

I mean a flying spaghetti monster? i think you need to see a pyshologist mate. you have serious problems.

by the way, have you stopped to consider the effects your little game will cause?

i think you have just split up me and my friend. oh yeh i wanna say thanks, thanks for ruining my life.


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  1. bill says:

    @TheInfidels! and Captain Mad John Kidd
    Why is everyone speaking with a lisp?

  2. Sho-Shonojo says:

    I think if you guys were really friends then it wouldn’t matter to you what religion she chose to follow. If the fact that she wants to follow this bother’s you that much, and you are really that much of a friend then you would probably have some influence to stop it from happening. Or is your friendship so shallow that you just want to have something to complain about rather then trying to ge your friendship back together.

  3. Homestar says:

    Yep. You got us. We have your “best mate” in his 1 “bedroomed” apartment. And you “think” that we split up you and your friend? Do you have ANY proof or evidence of it at all? Or is that just a theory? I bet it is. Did you even talk to your “mate”? You know? Just print out your email and SHOVE IT UP YOUR A**.

  4. MOY says:



  5. jack says:

    duh loser relax if your friend believes this then she/he is in fact retarded

  6. LindaBee says:

    I think the pirates are being framed again. Notice how her “mate” was “captured,” obviously implying mutiny on the high seas. But we know this was never really the pirate way.
    I bet her mate ditched her to commune with The Supreme Noodle and his fellow pirates, over a beer and a plate of pasta somewhere. He doesn’t need a pyshologist at all.

  7. sprite says:

    i find it so funny that fundies can try and cripple the FSM, The more they try the more they cripple their own Theist ideals. The FSM is a magnifiscent tool for arguing against the existence of god. They say the FSM is ridiculous, how could there be a flying spaghetti monster, it doesnt work, but neither does god. id like to point out that im taking a lot into account. i know about most arguments for the existence of god. Ontological certaintly doesnt work, cosmological is closer but assumes far too much of what we do not know and can never know, but even so, the best minds in the world can explain our existence to an extent which does not have a need for god, or even his noodly appendage.
    Id like to point out that god only complicates things, and as most of you will know the simplest explanation is usually the best so the Atheist win on that front. id also like to mention that, although Atheist i am not Faithless. i have faith in my belief that god does not exist and i am not some stuck up sceptic who just chooses to argue against anything and everything. i believe in the divinity of nature and what it has produced, the human mind being holier than Any holy script but equaled by the inginuity and abnormality of the sea dwelling iguana or the star nosed mole. And no intelligence could have merely created these things, the sacrifice that has been made in order to perfect the human race, the lives lost in order to progress through evolution, that is surely more sacred than any creation theory which lacks all evidence. ( i apologise to the FSM, i do not mean to offend his noodlieness with my unlearned rantings)

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