you’re a complete idiot.

Published November 29th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Right, you are some geek sitting up in your one bedroomed appartment thinking of ways to get kicks out of life. Now u have captured my best mate and i wont stop until FSM is expossed as the shabby, bare walled, well conducted piece of rubbish that it is.

I mean a flying spaghetti monster? i think you need to see a pyshologist mate. you have serious problems.

by the way, have you stopped to consider the effects your little game will cause?

i think you have just split up me and my friend. oh yeh i wanna say thanks, thanks for ruining my life.


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  1. Homo narrans says:

    that’s nice Tom.

  2. TheInfidels! says:

    how dare ye worship thy spaghettith monstereth. I hath seen thy God and talketh to him in my sleepeth and he has told me to slay all thy pasta worshippers! To arms my fellow Jesus Believers! SLAY THEE INFIDELS!!!!!!!!

  3. Peter Popoff says:

    Uuummm, I don’t think so, mister infdel, are you sure your name isn’t impotent?

  4. Captain Mad John Kidd says:

    How abouteth ye buggereth offeth. And ye can taketh Tom with ye. Lest ye wish to walk the plank, ye rat-faced foc’sle. T’would be a waste of bilge water to wash yer scabby flesh.

  5. spaghetti-hater says:

    well,my name is rebecca too,and I agree with this rebecca.

    go rebecca!

  6. Lolli Popoff says:

    Don’t worry about it Becky, we won’t either.
    How many hands does your girlfriend have?
    Just wondering?

  7. Doppelganger Z Chao says:

    Boo-hoo. Go cry on your friend’s shoulder, oh, wait, you don’t have one.

  8. some random infidel says:

    Clearly the fine art of pyshology hasn’t yet caught on amongst you philistines.
    Any true pyshologist would know that Rebecca is right: the inventor of a religion is un-intelligent because her friend believes in it and she doesn’t. How can you people not see the obvious logic. Pyshology.

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