you’re a complete idiot.

Published November 29th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Right, you are some geek sitting up in your one bedroomed appartment thinking of ways to get kicks out of life. Now u have captured my best mate and i wont stop until FSM is expossed as the shabby, bare walled, well conducted piece of rubbish that it is.

I mean a flying spaghetti monster? i think you need to see a pyshologist mate. you have serious problems.

by the way, have you stopped to consider the effects your little game will cause?

i think you have just split up me and my friend. oh yeh i wanna say thanks, thanks for ruining my life.


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  1. Scottbat says:

    Considering the fact that your friendship ended over a difference of opinion, it was only a matter of time before your opinion about which Backstreet Boy is the hottest broke you up as well. Or it might have fallen apart when you realized your favorite colors weren’t the same. And nor to mention your difference of opinions about socks.

    It was doomed from the start.

  2. the lomph says:

    for rebecca the first person to post here, this is no more real than your religion, it is no more provable or factual than yours and if your a chatolic it has been less horrible than yours, im assuming that you are and if you are how can you follow a religion that is based on the vote from some men about if jesus was real or not, the chatholic church has done so much damage to the world like, killing houndreds of thousands of people on the basis of them being witches, holding all the information during the middle ages and not allowing it to be used, the pope not allowing people to use condoms wich leads to things like the problem in africa that has killed millions.
    and the book of genesis, it says that everything was created in 7 days, scientists have basicaly proven evolution with the findings of the remains of what our species were 10,000 years ago we havent looked like this forever and even if we had (wich we havent) why have no remains of the present day human been found?

  3. pho says:

    what in the name of His Noodly Appendage is a ‘pyshologist’???

  4. luv jain says:

    “”oh yeh i wanna say thanks, thanks for ruining my life.”

    UR WELCOME!!! :)

  5. hinsdale mls fee says:

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