were you smoking crack

Published November 6th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Dear Spaghetti Monster Church,

Were you smoking crack when u started this club? im not a fucking christan, this realigon just sucks. i will EAT the Sapaghetti Monster, go get a life u stupid nerds, dont u have any women to bang?

Your higher stanced enemy,

-somebody you dont want to mess with



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  1. the spaghetti carbon dude says:

    I am glad you think the fact you apparently have a woman to ‘bang’ is a good piece of evedance for the exsitance of god.

  2. Wormboy says:

    How many sides does a realigon have? Just curious.

  3. pheer6224 says:

    I hereby ban stereotypical college douchebags from this site.

  4. Archdoom says:

    OOH! Someone we don’t want to mess with, how threatening, how mysterious, I’m just shaking in my boots!
    And he is higher stanced than us! And he is sexist! And he contradicts himself (i.e “stupid nerds”)!

    By the way,nice image editing there, someone you don’t want to mess with, the wit is so superior, it is so insulting!
    Good to see we don’t suck so much that you wouldn’t waste time editing an image, just to try to insult us, eh?

  5. Vanessa says:

    i like eating spaghetti! :)

  6. luv jain says:

    u cant eat FSM because u cant see him because u havent been blessed by him because u dont belive in him because u r a !*@&#%$

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