u guys truly are morons

Published November 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

wow…u guys truly are morons…what a productive use of ur allotted time…

-Mr. Frodo

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  1. A Ninja says:

    im aninja and as all of you crack-smoking ass jocks knows, ninjas are better than pirates, and a helluva lot sexier too, besides we all know spaghetti is food, i have eaten your god, and unlike most ninja’s i worship 2 gods, the christian god, who is my main god, and Anubis, because i can

  2. L'TUAE_42 says:

    Anubis and God. That’s quite a combination there. Why don’t you do Ra instead of God? He’s got to be more interesting.
    P.s. Pirates are sexier than ninjas any day.

  3. Davey the Pirate Assclown says:

    @A Ninja
    “we all know spaghetti is food”
    The majesty of your intellect has quite literally caused my bowels to loosen in pure, unfettered shock and awe. Please, Mr Ninja Genius Sir, don’t scare us so with your enormous brain.
    Oops, no, I’ve got it wrong again. What I *really* meant to say was:
    Stop wasting the oxygen, you massive fucktard.

  4. One Oared Marc says:

    Stay back, evil Ninja! The Almighty FSM will smite you with his enormous meatballs and send you back to whence you came!
    I sense a big-time Saturday morning cartoon coming out of all of this.

  5. SaucyWench says:

    @ ninja – A ninja worshipping Jesus and a deity from ancient Egypt? Cool. But what, exactly, is your point? Surely ninjas can be sexy, but I usually prefer pirates.

  6. gill says:

    “Stop wasting the oxygen, you massive fucktard.” That is officially my favorite insult ever.

  7. Parmesan the Greated says:

    Damn davey that was a good one, shit, you made MY bowles loosen up!!!

  8. Jingles says:

    Hmmm… ninja hey.
    It seems his brethren have not yet informed him of the fundamental fact that all ninjas are in fact members of the reformed Church of Alfredo.
    Hence, either he is not aware of being a follower of the FSM, or he is not a real ninja, just some kid that likes to dress up in funny clothes, running around going “NINJAAAAAA CHOP!”

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