u guys truly are morons

Published November 22nd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

wow…u guys truly are morons…what a productive use of ur allotted time…

-Mr. Frodo

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  1. Skittles says:

    @anna yeah i sure am, and no prob, i’ll be visiting this site a lot more

  2. raspberry says:

    go find a friend u non beleiver.

    (btw on a random note: is it illegal for a teacher to call u a slut?(awaiting ur worldy wisdom)

  3. raspberry says:

    can’t we just post something contriversial? I’m sure we’d get alot more hate mail…although hu wud hate us? (sarcasm)

  4. monica says:

    Hi. I was just wondering if this is an actual religion or just an atheist sacasm movement? Thanks.

  5. Skittles says:

    @raspberry are you directing that at me?

    (yes it is, it is slander and the teacher can be fired)

  6. monica says:

    ooh, and yes, that money stamp would be a very creative idea. I’d buy one.

  7. monica says:

    @rasberry: yes, it’s slander (as skittles said), emotional abuse, and sexual harassment.

  8. Just Guess says:

    @NOT mr. Frodo and Jack Sparrow
    My bad, I misinterpreted it as an insult to me fellow Pastafarians.

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