This idea or bullcrap that you invented is blasphemy

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

This idea or bullcrap that you invented is blasphemy and I do believe that you need to stop or you will burn in hell.

-joseph goss

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  1. Peter Popoff says:

    Oh yeah, maybe you should research *note* the spelling, stem cell research, before you go spouting off about how it’s “killing” “lives”
    Another well informed christian.

  2. America Atheist says:

    Blasphemy is a victimless crime.

  3. Captain Noodulous Silicate TBHNA says:

    American Atheist,

    That’s right. The FSM is made of stronger stuff than to be bothered by a bit of blasphemy. The other Gods are such cry babies who can’t take bit of ribbing.

    The FSM just says ‘hey well fuck you and enjoy the stale bear’.

    Given that the FSM is made of stronger stuff and that stronger stuff is cooked spaghetti, minced meat and spaghetti sauce, what are the other gods made of?

  4. Red DutchPasta Kidd says:

    America Atheist
    Jan 20th, 2007 at 3:30 am
    Blasphemy is a victimless crime
    Hahahahaha, yes it is!

  5. Beastly Rich says:

    won’t stop a load of thiests claiming otherwise

  6. Tim says:

    “This crime called blasphemy was invented by priests for the purpose of defending doctrines not able to take care of themselves.”

    – Robert Ingersoll

  7. Phil says:

    Reading the FSM hate mail has turned me pro-choice! Abortion is too good for Fundamentalists!

  8. Daker says:

    Technically, its not blasphemy. We’re not Christians and we cannot commit a sin against a God we don’t believe exists.

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