This idea or bullcrap that you invented is blasphemy

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

This idea or bullcrap that you invented is blasphemy and I do believe that you need to stop or you will burn in hell.

-joseph goss

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  1. jesus christ says:

    i don’t know what BobJack is so pissed off about. if this is a parody site promoting a joke, then why is he so mad. if he were a fundie, then i would see why


    Wench Nikky – I’m not new to the net. The reason I posted in CAPS is because my name is in CAPS. This is the same name I use on lots of sites and programs. I have never been “burned” before for this (does burned mean “get in trouble about”?). Admittedly I have only posted on a couple of sites before.

    jesus christ – I’m not particularly pissed off about anything. I’m sorry if I gave you that impression. I replyed to the post at the top of this page because it annoyed me (slightly) that someone who believes in one stupid religion (christianity) was having a go at some other people because they believe in a different stupid religion (cofsm).
    I would not class this as “a parody site promoting a joke” any more than a church is a parody building promoting a joke…………. no wait, I actually agree with both statements. But do they piss me off? Not in themselves. The petty people who frequent churches do when they start to tell me what I should think and how I will suffer if I dont agree with them. Please do not turn this into a place where people are only allowed to contribute if YOU agree with what they are saying.

    I don’t care if people agree with me or not but I believe strongly that people should not be persecuted for their beliefs. Yes, I think that all religions are a joke but that is up to me. If someone has religious beliefs I don’t hold it against them. Yes, I frequently tell religious people that I think they’re fucking idiots, but usually only after they tell me I am going to burn in hell for all eternity…..

    People should understand that their beliefs are no more valid than anyone else’s.

    Please excuse my ignorance, but what is a fundie?

  3. jesus christ says:

    as i have told numerous people, i just pretend there’s a FSM. The people here who say they believe in it are just fooling around. please, don’t actually fall into the trap that people here are literally serious. it’s justm a parody. i don’t see why you;re pissed off at us if we parody a certain religious ideal (creationism). dude, if anything, i’m on your side. religions are jokes, definitely. come on man, i shouldn’t argue with you, i like to argue and piss off fundies.
    a fundie is slang for fundamentalist (also known as a christian extremist that nobody likes).
    also, i’m atheist and i’m a skeptic
    the way i see it, we;re on the same page. if you want to see the people who really hate this site, look at the hate mail section. there you’ll find some humour because it’s all true.

  4. maxwell says:

    @BOBJACK_JACKBOB; It was probably the CAPS that irritated me most. We get SHOUTED AT alot here. I don’t mind that you think Pastafarianism is a joke. I’d encourage you to read the “Open Letter’ to the Kansas School Board. You’ll see that we have a lot in common, specifically, disdain for others’ pushing their religious BS beliefs onto us. And, I don’t know what a fundie is either. Sorry.

  5. noeviltwin says:


    A fundie is an extremely religious person who believes that people who have fun should die. Fun = Die.

    Does macaroni have any significance in this FSM religion?

    I like spagetti, but I actually prefer kraft dinner. With ketchup.

    Probably, the body of Jesus would taste better with ketchup.


    jesus christ – In response to your comment “please, don’t actually fall into the trap that people here are literally serious.” Dont worry, I didn’t. I admire the cofsm becuase here is a religion and a congregation that knows it is a joke. If only all other religions and religious people would aknowledge the fact that they too are a joke….. what a wonderful world that would be……… for me anyway.

    When I found this site It brought much joy to my life!!!! I felt like Peter on the road to Damascus!!!!! I thought to myself “this is wonderful!!!! And they also like pirates!!!!

    Then I read the hate mail.

    This is where I found the message I originally replied to.

    I replied to it because just when I was seeing the fun side of religion some fucker comes along and proclaims it to be blasphemous. I took offence at that, not because I believe in the f.s.m. but becuase I knew that person would also believe me to be blasphemous and would like me to think like them or SUFFER THE CONSEQUENCES AND BURN IN HELL!!!!!
    Fuck that and fuck them.
    On a different note I would just like to say that my favourite thing about pirates is the gleam in their eye.

  7. maxwell says:

    ARRGH! Methinks Bobjack is truly a pirate at heart! Climb aboard land-lubber and sail the open seas with us! We also have beer volcanoes and a stripper factory to look forward to in the after life! ARRRRRRGH!


    Noeviltwin – What part of “Admittedly I have only posted on a couple of sites before.”
    did you not understand?
    I have probably doubled the amount of posts I have ever made just by posting the five or so here, today.
    Maxwell – I have indeed read the letter to the school you speak about. It was inspiring. So inspiring I felt I had to contribute in some way.
    Hence the posts.
    I also think pirates have the coolest flag (except for maybe Japan. I don’t know why, but I like theirs very much as well).

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