This idea or bullcrap that you invented is blasphemy

Published November 20th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

This idea or bullcrap that you invented is blasphemy and I do believe that you need to stop or you will burn in hell.

-joseph goss

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  1. Gnocci Man says:

    Actually, I kind of like Dante. He was a cool dude (if a bit of a nut case).
    Thankfully, we Pastafarians don’t exactly have a hell. all hail the FSM!

  2. Mad John Kidd says:

    I’m with you, Gnocci Man, Dante was a brilliant storyteller, but obviously had some serious mental issues. Meet you at the stripper factory after a refill at the beer volcano.


  3. Grrraham says:

    Assuming you’re a mainstream Christian (seems likely), then under your own scriptures and doctrine, telling someone that they’re going to hell is blasphemous. Only God gets to do that.

  4. jesus christ says:

    why do all the christians care if we are going to hell. shouldn’t they be worrying about themselves. i thought that’s what all hardcore christians do. hmmmmm, what can i do that will get me into heaven and make sure everybody else goes to hell. oooo, i know, i know, i will tell eerybody that there everyday actions are sinful so i can feel like a great christian. yea, i am using the word of god to make me feel like a grateful bastard. no wonder god loves us.
    some kind and loving god

  5. BrianTheCanuck says:

    Yup, that whole thing always got a chuckle out of me…judge not lest ye be judged, and many suppossed Christians who I counter with that one claim that I am citing scripture for my own purposes… Isn’t that what they do?
    To be fair not all Christians are like that, I happen to be pretty close friends with a few, and they could give a rats ass what I, or anyone else, believe. We must carefully respect people like that, or we are no better than those that troll this website to seek and annoy.

  6. Laura says:

    okay so we got to hell even though we dont believe in you god? some one explain please!

  7. LA Clay says:

    Bullcrap comes from Bulls. Idea’s come from somewhere. it’s not the brain, cut up a brain and all you get is goo. Idea’s come from the the all high noodleiness. Why do you think they call it “using your noodle”?

  8. BrianTheCanuck says:

    shhh…. you just let the most guarded secret out… let us hope no one’s noticed…

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