they’re people too.

Published November 10th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

just smaller and sort of scary.


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  1. nikkiee says:

    Did he turn them into penqins so people would love them?

  2. nikkiee says:

    Thank you OEJ, I knew I could count on you for the word.

  3. nikkiee says:

    It appears that, while His Noodliness loved the midgit, it wasn’t very appreciative of its special place. Sounds like the midgit may have acted not unlike a spoiled ungrateful child towards the creator.

  4. nikkiee says:

    If the account be true, would that make penqins to be akin to the prodigal midget?

  5. One Eyed Jack says:

    An fine insight nikkiee. Perhaps the chapter on the penguin is not yet closed.

  6. Nick the Infidel says:

    Well Nikkiee,

    I’d have to say that I am a penguin apologist, and must take the story as an alegory. After all, as religous people we reserve the right to cherry pick our holy book for which ever parts we feel most comfortable believing.
    Besides, penguins don’t have an insatiable lust for porn. If they were descended from midgits, I believe our failing penguin porn industry would be doing much better!

  7. nikkiee says:

    hahaha……I shall be following all further insights with great interest.

  8. nikkiee says:

    This is extremely unusual and I believe there is a direct correlation to the portrayed imprisonment of the midgit.
    Temps in this area, at this time of year are usually over the 20 degree mark.

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