smug left-wing assclowns

Published November 13th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Smug left-wing assclowns forming another “we’re smarter than you” club? Where do I sign up?


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  1. Alchemist says:

    Well, hello there clusterone, how are you? What’s an ‘assclown’, is it like a tangleberry? I’m sure you will be made welcome here. No doubt others will greet you shortly.

  2. justnick says:

    The FSM made you, you already ARE signed up.

  3. jesus christ says:

    if the theory of evolution is a left-wing agenda (which i never knew) count me in as liberal.
    come on, since when is common science a political agenda.

  4. Pixel Pete says:

    Sign up here
    Your name
    Your address

  5. Penne says:

    This doesn’t need to be filled out in blood I hope?

  6. Penne says:

    There are no ass-clowns here or any other type of clowns ,if there were I’d have broken out in panic hives by now.

  7. The Cut Lass says:

    Assclown! Sounds like fun to me. I think me hubby and I will be playing AssClown tonight. teehee. Think I’ll knock off early.

  8. J says:

    I think me hubby and I will be playing AssClown tonight.
    First the smiting, now the ‘sexual immorality’. We’ve genuinely got *everything* the Christian’s have got, *plus* the Beer Volcano.

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