smug left-wing assclowns

Published November 13th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Smug left-wing assclowns forming another “we’re smarter than you” club? Where do I sign up?


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  1. Garrick McElroy says:

    The great part is, You don’t have to! It’s totally free and all you have to do is allow His Noodly Appendage to touch you!

  2. slim baby says:

    get this thing rolling
    oh yeah


  3. download quicktime says:

    Interesting read, cheers! I finally take in the large picture .

    • Theone says:

      Well i dont you explain

  4. Theone says:

    After years coming back to this web page i honestly have no clue why all of this was started iT makers No sense to me at all anymore maybe one should explain this to me i cant remember having science mixer up with politics but hey maybe someone was using my name i dont know as far as the insulting Goes i do not want to participate in no single way good Luck with that my friends

    • Keith says:

      Are you referring to why the Church was started? The origins are explained by clicking of the “About” button at the top left hand part of this screen. You really should punctuate your sentences. They would be so much easier to read if you did.

      • one says:

        actually why the cluster one article was started in the first place
        why call clusterone an extreme left wing assclown
        i can’t remember being outspoken left wing or right wing
        i used to do behave stupidly and assclowny (can get into that) though i am wandering why someone or some group would start a thread about me why?

  5. one says:

    i mean what was the purpose of this thread?

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