science without religion is lame

Published November 19th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

“Science without religion is lame. Religion without science is blind.” “I am convinced that He (God) does not play dice.” -Albert Einstein- Oh well. At least life is so good in this country we have the time to dedicate political discourse and web page design to the idea of whether or not people should be allowed to TALK about God.


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  1. leave my spaghetti alone says:

    did you just talk about god?! quick, someone bag him!

  2. Davey Jones' Hacker says:

    Oh, don’t talk such bollocks. No-one’s suggesting that you can’t *talk* about your God. It’s the teaching of religion as *science* that’s objectionable, and that’s what this site is about.
    Einstein denied belief in a personal god – your poaching of him as an icon for your faith is both misguided and crass, and I’d ask that you don’t do it again without knowing the truth of the matter. Go read about it.
    “At least life is so good in this country we have the time…” etc.
    Hmm. That “life is good, we’re nice and relaxed here” attitude’ll bite you in the ass one day, especially if the fundies keep using voter apathy and ignorance of science/technology issues as ways of promoting their poilitical agendas. You obviously dont like the idea of living in a nation where you can’t talk about God – how would you feel living in one where belief was compulsory, homosexuality a capital crime, and politics, religion and “science” were indistinguishable from each other? No, wait , let me guess – you’d love it, right?

  3. BrianTheCanuck says:

    Another one misses the point. Talk about god, I don’t think anyone here minds, but don’t attempt it in a science class room. Science is about the observation and emperical facts. To place faith in such a setting is to make a mockery of both! How much does god weigh? Faith does not require facts. To require proof of God shows an alarming lack of faith! Since they included ID in certain science classrooms, they should be forced to teach the creation story of every religion as well. It doesn’t have to be the Christian God that’s behind ID, any omnipotent being would work the same, hence why this brilliant piece of satire works so well.

  4. Tagliatellius says:

    All hail the Flying Spaghetti Monster.
    There is only one F.S.M. and Bobby is His Prophet, Pesto be upon Him.

  5. Homo narrans says:

    Strength Through Unity!
    Unity Through Faith!
    When religion, science and politics are taught as one subject in schools, slogans like these will be all over the place.

  6. Fr. Corpus Callosum says:

    Einstein did not believe in a personal god. He used the term to describe an aspect of order in the universe. His opinions about religion are well known and available to any literate person. If he had only known how unfortunate this choice of words was, and that in a couple of generations ignorant fundamentalist blockheads would be misinterpreting them as an apology for ID, he would certainly have used other words. And if you had bothered to know anything about his ideas you wouldn’t have used that quote.
    By the way tomtsunami, nobody in this country believes you shouldn’t talk about religion. The debate is about whether christians can lie about their religion and pass it off as science and then pass laws to mandate that everybody’s children have to learn their fairy tale, and also about whether ignorant people such as yourself can blast us with your religion and expect to be treated with respect. I strongly believe in your right to talk about your religion, but I don’t believe you deserve any respect for it.
    Or rather, you deserve just as much respect as someone who demands that we teach that the easter bunny as science in schools: Very little.

  7. Fr. Corpus Callosum says:

    Way to go people! I guess we all jumped on that one!

  8. BrianTheCanuck says:

    No point in waiting for someone to strike first…

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