Published November 3rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


I’m very impressed with this car. And what makes it even more amazing is that it lives in the bible belt, where crazy evangelists are everywhere. Not that they’d necessarily be able to read/understand the license plate,etc, but still.

The owner of this car is also the creator of my favorite FSM pumpkin:

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  1. One Eyed Jack says:

    Nice job! Makes my “Me other care be a Pirate Ship!” bumper sticker that I made look kinda sad.

  2. kathy says:

    This has probably made me the happiest person ever. I found this site and it just made me happy. Please tell me someone SOMEWHERE believes in this! I want to own the bible for this religion– I’m pretty sure my next paycheck will be spent buying this bible and the paraphernalia of FSM. South Park has made me relize how ridiculously awesome this religion truly is. Thank you so much. haha!

  3. One Eyed Jack says:

    Damn I hate my typos. Sigh.

  4. ankla1.com says:

    OEJ–Don’t sweat it- care sounds like the piratey version of car. Sorta Australian, if you will ;-)

  5. a new believer says:

    Australian? I never use the word ‘me’ for ‘my’. But i do like that registration plate. Something i’d like to have for meself.

  6. Mike Meier says:

    I grew up in NC, so I know the risk this person is taking, but living in CA is no guarantee you won’t run into the same hateful Christians, or probaly more precisely, Christians who just aren’t used to having their dominance challenged in public. I was once followed and harassed in Bakersfield because of my Darwin fish on the back of my car, and once here on campus had my fish torn off, broken, and placed on my windshield.
    I’m on my third fish now, but I’d kinda like to have one of these: http://www.yellowlightman.com/dmc/gallery/albums/userpics/10018/Racer%20Fish.jpg

  7. Nowtheworldhasmeaning says:

    I love “Oh Well I wasn’t using my civil libererties anyhow” sticker.

  8. sbagbol says:

    I have only discovered FSM today, but I just know its the answer. Coming from Wales, I feel a distinct affinity for Pirates and know that there is a bit of Pirate in me (as there is in all of us). Wales has been particularly blessed with Pirates – with at least four pretty famous ones: Howell Davis, 16980-1719; John Evans d. 1723; Henry Morgan 1635-1688 (he of the Captain Morgan Rum fame); and Bartholomew Roberts (alias Barti Ddu in Welsh) 1682-1722. Check e’m out! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category:Welsh_pirates Wales – Land of Pirates!Cymru – Gwlad y Mor-ladron!

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