Published November 3rd, 2006 by Bobby Henderson


I’m very impressed with this car. And what makes it even more amazing is that it lives in the bible belt, where crazy evangelists are everywhere. Not that they’d necessarily be able to read/understand the license plate,etc, but still.

The owner of this car is also the creator of my favorite FSM pumpkin:

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  1. Meera says:

    There are male strippers in the stripper factory, right?

    I was brought up in a Hindu family and there are monkey gods and elephant gods already; the noodle god fits right in. We have some thing called the Dasa Avatar – basically the various forms in which God came to save the world – there is a giant turtle, a midget!, a lion-man and various other weird stuff. FSM can be number 11.

  2. Pookie! :D says:

    dang son – we aint kids foo’

  3. pookie! :D says:

    i meaan brah.

  4. Tom Cruisey says:

    Scientologists, take heart. Where you have been told that Xenu was evil, and that Thetans are a problem, hearken! We believe that L. Ron saw a lot of really true stuff. But he was just a little bit wrong about Xenu. Xenu is our leader. And Thetans are here to help, not to hurt.
    Thetans are your best friends. Establishing a relationship with your Thetans is our main goal. It is because we believe that the Thetans are purposeful and positive. L. Ron got that part all wrong.
    Xenu loves us. Xenu wants the best for us all. L. Ron identified Xenu as a master leader, and all Xenuists are forever indebted to L. Ron for that, but the Thetans are not our enemies, no matter what they tell you. Embrace your Thetans. Actually, the more Thetans you have, the better off you will be once you learn to co-exist with them.

  5. J says:


  6. Nick says:

    Now can the Great Flying Spaghetti Monster create a meatball so large even he cannot lift it?

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