new designs

Published November 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Here’s a preview of a new Church of the FSM t-shirt design:


Opinions?  Any design ideas/suggestions?

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  1. lunchlady says:

    Oh I forgot about the carrot thingies – my last post should have said “Your *insert deity of choice* is a load of shit” That wouldn’t be very nice, would it? You go worship your *god* and I’ll worship mine.

  2. Allanon says:

    I really like it…
    I dunno what to change, but there is something wrong about it…

  3. Penne says:

    No,no lunchlady,you should have said “Your *remove this part altogether* a load of shit” then add parmasian! or asagio, whichever you prefer.

  4. Penne says:

    and tomato sauce.

  5. KC says:

    Great shirt…make the midgit a pirate though….and add some faded out lines or somethingy…but it’s still AWESOME

  6. Reece Sheppard says:

    “In the beginning…” at the top, midgit as a pirate, would be perfect.

    Also, any chance I could get a vectorised copy? I work at a town planning company, and we have an A0 printer for printing plans… :d

  7. Tom (Myspace guy) says:

    I warn ya, do not create a website were everyone becomes addicted to. If you do, I’ll fight you untill you give me my holy land back!


  8. Hadyn says:

    Here’s the latest:

    “In the beginning…” will be added for sure. That’s the only definite change.

    Sadly shirts don’t print at huge resolutions, so even if I gave the midgit pirate regalia it’s unlikely you’d actually be able to tell.

    I’m going to attempt changing the lighting on Him slightly too, but it’s not a definite change. I actually had more lighting when I first worked on it, and it didn’t look right so I removed it. But yeah, we’ll see!

    Other than that, thanks for the feedback and stuff!

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