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Published November 1st, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

Here’s a preview of a new Church of the FSM t-shirt design:


Opinions?  Any design ideas/suggestions?

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  1. Bobby's last reply says:

    I met a guy once who thought he was God’s gift to women.
    I think I could not find a place to return him at.

  2. Y'aaaaaaarrdvark says:

    I like it.
    Another vote for the RAmen.
    Another vote for the “In the beginning…”
    Another for the Pirate-midgit. An eyepatch will suffice, and a hat, I’d say, not like full-Pirate-regalia.
    That’s a great design man, and I want one. NOW!!!!!


  3. Jenny says:

    Hi Haydn!

    Your design was by far the best I’ve seen. Would it be alright if I screen-printed a shirt for myself? thanks!

  4. doug says:

    I kinda prefer the original image of the drawing, though indeed this new design is a good one. I can see where the proposed design would be better for a simple one-color hand-cut stencil’d silk-screen print,but the original drawing is beyond it’s being a just a graphic design. I’d call it hagiographic,in fact. And I think if one were to use the original sketch and “up” the contrast and present it as an inspired sketch on a piece of lined paper…which it undoubtedly is…it’d translate pretty well. Kinda like an image of the Shroud of Turin. Processing the image and perhaps the use of second color would add to the production cost..so having a single color cut stencil design is a good idea too…but once you’re thinking of printing a significant volume the added costs are relatively low when spread out over the initial run.
    Uh…I’ve heard no mention of beer volcanoes and stipper factories.

  5. Nowtheworldhasmeaning says:

    I have just had a great idea how we can increase membership to FSM’ism.
    Whilst talking to a few Greeks about Conscription, we can up with an idea. We all know that you can get out of military duties for religious reasons, “I can’t kill” the problem with that is that you will end up on the front line without a gun trying to patch someone up who is bleeding to death whilst some big hairy fucker with a huge gun is taking pot shots at you.
    Now how about if our religion stated that
    “Under the Laws of the mighty FSM you are not allowed to put yourself in any unreasonable harms way, unless fighting directly for the FSM beliefs.”
    Then we wait for the next big war to break out and we will have milions of followers!

  6. Hadyn says:

    Jenny, don’t thank me! I’m glad you like the design but I’m not giving you permission to print it yourself – we’re printing the shirts legally and professionally, and if you want one you’re going to have to pay for it like everyone else.
    Plus you spelled my name wrong.

  7. Potassium. says:



  8. eliza says:

    I want to buy this right now!

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