Muy Interesante

Published November 6th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

The Flying Spaghetti Monster made the cover of Muy Interesante, a popular spanish science magazine. I have no idea what the article says, but here it is:
muy_cover.jpg muy2.jpg muy3.jpg

Here are some higher quality images, if you want to try to read the article:
muyhq1.jpg muyhq2.jpg
muy4.jpg muy5.jpg muy6.jpg

68 Responses to “Muy Interesante”

  1. norman normal says:

    Gosh, tough talk. I should imagine christians like you eat noodles for beakfast!

  2. Nikkiee says:


  3. One Eyed Jack says:

    You are one of two things. You are either:
    1) Someone who is amusing themselves by babbling nonsense.
    2) Some who is horribly delusional.
    Either way you have a sad need for attention.
    Either way you have become tiresome.
    As for Satanists attacking you… seriously, can you blame them?

  4. norman normal says:

    These Satanists can be rather fierce. Has anyone ever watched ‘When Satanists Attack’ ?

  5. Nikkiee says:

    As for Satanists attacking you… seriously, can you blame them?
    Hahaha……..BTW what the hell has been going on the past few days, first the “retarded” thread and then BLR every where. Was/is it a full moon? It’s been cloudy here so I didn’t notice.
    RAmen OEJ

  6. One Eyed Jack says:

    Every great religion must suffer its heretics. That which does not kill us only makes us stronger. The FSM is testing us. Pray until something happens. The FSM works in mysterious ways.
    Did I forget any?

  7. norman normal says:

    I would like to inform you all that FSM is copyright and has nothing to do with pasta or monsters. My solicitors Bangley and Spindrift will be contacting your legal representatives shortly pending further action.

  8. Nikkiee says:

    @ One Eyed Jack
    No I don’t think so, you pretty much covered it..except.. …maybe the smiting?

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