Muy Interesante

Published November 6th, 2006 by Bobby Henderson

The Flying Spaghetti Monster made the cover of Muy Interesante, a popular spanish science magazine. I have no idea what the article says, but here it is:
muy_cover.jpg muy2.jpg muy3.jpg

Here are some higher quality images, if you want to try to read the article:
muyhq1.jpg muyhq2.jpg
muy4.jpg muy5.jpg muy6.jpg

68 Responses to “Muy Interesante”

  1. Bobby's last reply says:

    Jesus the son of the monster? Oh that is so uncool.
    I am Mary sent back. Don’t piss me off. I can pray for miracles like you never thought were possible. Yes, even doctors have tested me and said I am the most amazing person they have ever met.

  2. Bobby's last reply says:

    When you can pray like I do, let me know. Cause I pray like it is nobody’s business except God the master’s.

  3. Bobby's last reply says:

    That is WHY they say Mary, pray for us sinners.

  4. J says:

    BLR / Mary, Mother of God,
    I invite you to pray for my immediate death. If you are successful, I’ll let you know.

  5. Bobby's last reply says:

    OK, miracles are classified as things that don’t normally happen and you have a hard time finding logic to explain.
    Well it has been a long long time since we had some real good miracles worth even mentioning or writing of. I am not on here to make myself look like a maniac or a fool. I am on here to clarify for you some of the current miracles and what they mean and who I am in this lifetime. It is not like it is a sin or a crime to be reincarnated you know. Oh,by the way I passed a lie detector test. So what? OK, the churches gave me a test, I passed that one too. Now, I am not on here for you to decide. I am reincarnated. Tampa, Florida remembers a wee little girl who went to the Baptist Church and told a pastor, I am Mary sent back by God at only three years old. Indeed, if you are, you can prove it by the color blue he said. I did that and more. So I am not going to listen to anyone adlib me or cut me down or make me look like I belong on a mental ward. Reincarncation is possible.
    God can do whatever he chooses to do. Now we can either start at the beginning or we can get to the nitty gritty.
    I am this Mary of the Fatima Prophecy. Even the government knows it. They also came to my house as a child when they heard of the birth and tested me, which by the way, I passed.

  6. norman normal says:

    Yeah Yeah, tempus fugit, dulce et decorum est with a bobble on top!

  7. Bobby's last reply says:

    J, this is not funny. I invite you all to view miraculous photos taken around the world that I prayed for and can explain why they turned out on someone’s roll of film. I know what they mean. So while you all can vouch that saints have always had it rough, let me tell you, you don’t know even know how rough it has been being me.Google search miraculous photos. Many have donated theirs to the world.
    So have I shown Bobby my private collection of bonafide ones.
    No, I do not have a studio and neither do I know anyone that does. I already read the Bible, I have my Sunday School certificate, and a grade B on it. I went to church, sang in the choir, and also had to take the sinner’s prayer because Satanists attacked me brutally in 1971 and nearly murdered me. Therefore, kidnapping me and causing me much distress.
    I am not crazy. I am sane and I am very sensitive. I advise you not to provoke me to anger.

  8. Bobby's last reply says:

    Where are the hypocrits that charge Christians? Come out and face me, the reincarnated Mary. 170 lbs of pure hell if you want to go that route. I won’t let you evil you know whats hurt me again. Slashing me with knives and razors and beating me until I almost died is not funny. Talk about hate crime, you are guilty.

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